What do you do when you're not feeling well?

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I think I am getting a cold or flu or something of that nature. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and it has gotten worse as the day went on.
    Just wondering what everyone does when they're feeling sick. How do you make yourself feel better? All I want to do right now is put on my comfy jammies, crawl under my duvet and either watch a movie or read.
  2. I usually sleep my senses out and drink warm fluids when my throat irritates me. Get well soon!
  3. As a mother of two young kids, life goes on as usual even when I'm sick.
    When I first feel a cold coming on, I take vitamin C and/or echinecea to try and minimize the severity and duration of the sickness.
    Hope your feeling better soon!
  4. I usually drink some peppermint tea or ginger root tea and add honey and lemon to both. I hope you get well soon!
  5. I usually go out and buy a gallon of orange juice and chug up. :smile:

    I also start taking cold/flu medicine almost immediately when I feel myself going under the weather.
  6. Take Vitamin D3 2000IU...have your Vitamin D checked by your doctor too to see if you are low.
  7. I rest as much as possible and drink a lot of fluids. I hope you feel better soon!
  8. I buy some bon bons from the pharmacy that are good for the throat, and an AlpenKraft syrup http://images.iherb.com/FLO-64720-l.jpg . If I have a fever I have some aspirin. I drink a lot of water and tea, and try to get a lot of sleep. However I avoid TV as it gives me a headache. I still go out for some walking, I find fresh air makes me feel better, even when I have a high fever.
  9. Vitamin D3, vitamin C, and probiotics first. Then I usually crash on the sofa or in bed and watch bad TV and/or my favorite movies.
  10. You might be getting sick (excuse the pun) of people advising you to drink water. It is a good idea, though, because it helps remove the toxins from your body.:smile:
  11. Aspirin, lots of sleep, camomile tea
  12. Rest- that is key for me. If I'm feeling really under the weather I skip my workout, drink some OJ and a lot of water, try to eat more than normal so I am at full strength. I also try to lounge around as much as I can so I'll put off whatever doesn't have to be done that day until I'm feeling better and cancel any obligations that aren't pressing.
  13. Rest is sooo important. I also do Tai Chi slow movements to help with fatigue and stress. Stress is so hard on your body and I think it lowers your body's ability to fight illness.
  14. I just realized I got a fever (38) and I don't feel bad at all... Lol I will probably feel horrible later on.
  15. Lots of Vitamin C, fruit, tea, rest, and possibly inhaling to get rid of the sinus infection I ALWAYS get when I get a cold.