What do you do when your S.O. asks you for your "number"

  1. I got to thinking about this this afternoon when I was talking to the guy that I'm currently seeing. We were talking about our "numbers". The number of people that we have slept with. He told me that most of the other girls he has dated didn't feel comfortable telling him their number and was surprised that I had no problem telling him.

    So...here's my question to you all. When your S.O. asks for your "number", do you tell them the truth, bend the truth or bit, or not tell them at all?

    I tell them the truth :smile:
  2. I tell the truth.
  3. I don't tell them and I don't ask them either, it's all in the past so....
  4. We're both each other's firsts so we're both 1.
  5. If I had a guy, I would tell the truth. Zero isn't anything to be ashamed of:P .

    I think it's best to tell the truth, because each partner should know the other partner's sexual history (due to STDs and such).
  6. Def. truth
  7. I tell the truth.

    However, when Dad asks for the number? I say it's ZERO!

  8. :lol: I know that's right. She hit the nail on the head!
  10. I would not ever tell my husband the truth. Keep in mind I grew up in the days that "safe sex" meant your parents were out of town. I told him 4, cause that seemed reasonable, though not even close to the truth..:devil:
  11. lol

    :angel: truth ...whats there to hide
  12. 4

    I've heard 4 is the magic number. I wouldn't tell the truth if it's a high number... unless they can handle the truth.

    This question reminded me of the friends episode when Chandler asked Monica how many partner....

    My best friend's BF asked her how many partners she's had... mind you she's already pregnant w/ his babies... and she told him the truth, more than 40 but not more than 50 :nuts: Ok afterwards, he told her that he thinks she's going to cheat on her... asked her for her reasoning about why all these people... shoot, it's none of his business because they were all before him. And now, he cheated on her and blames it on her answer...:wtf: so I think the truth only works for certain people... because not everyone can handle it.

    But nevertheless, if these questions are going to be brought up, it better be BEFORE the relationship and not during...
  13. I am always amused that men think it is actually their business...we are not chattel anymore..
  14. Tell your SO that you were coming up with your "number" but you were wondering if you could count entire hockey teams as just 1.

    LOL Sorry, I could not resist.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: