What do you do when your fave color is discontinued?

  1. The MAC 226 brush was released in the Blonde Brunette Redhead Collection in 2009. MAC repromoted it in 2011 in the MAC Me Over Collection, but it was drastically different from the original. The 2009 version is smaller, pointier and firmer, while the 2011 version is bigger, rounder and fluffier. They should have just changed the name/number of the 2011 version. :nogood:
  2. Wow that WAS bad. They should have not called the same number I agree. Too bad. I have that brush btw, but I must have the newer version.
  3. Hey, anyone know if there is thread for vintage compacts and lipstick tubes? I bought one my first ever this week on eBay and it is so pretty. I thought I'd like to post a picture, but I don't want to get too far o.t..