What do you do when your fave color is discontinued?

  1. I, my favorite YSL lip color Praline Delight is discontinued and I've only been able to find poor quality drugstore close matches. What do you all do when this happens? Suggestions?
  2. Scour eBay and lesser known beauty sites that may still have stock of what you want and buy up where you can.
  3. I can usually find disc. lipsticks on eBay -- good luck!
  4. Custom Color Specialists. I don't recall the exact name, but they have pigment formulas on file (or you can send the old tube in) and they could remix it for you.
  5. Wow! Thanks everyone! I am so pleased by your responses. I'll get going right away with your suggestions and let you know. You are all great!
  6. I cry.

    No I'm kidding. I scour eBay and buy up all the ones that I can. If you really love it/can't live without it, try the 3 custom colors website above. They will replicate ANYTHING. Even create lipsticks and eyeshadows off photos of colors.
  7. After I have a brief mourning period ;)
    ...I go on the brand website and try to snap up as many of what's being discontinued as I can. I remember doing this a few years ago with a Lancome foundation and I (no joke) stored what I was able to get in the fridge until I needed it.

    Will have to check out the 3 custom colors site...looks pretty cool!

  8. Well I've been to all the suggested places and no dupes were recorded yet for my color. So I'm going to eBay tonight to get one there and then send it to the Three place. I actually lost my last tube on vacation, so I don't even have an original to send them so I'll get one on eBay. Now I have found two excellent matches in drugstore brands but, I don't like the textures of either, and I hate the ugly tubes! I know it sounds crazy, but one of them is so heavily fragranced that I take the cap off and let it air out before I apply. The colors are perfect though: NYX Rea, and Maybelline Beige For Good. I love that you hoard your fave cosmetics! That's so funny and smart! As I tell my husband, being a woman is so complicated, he can never hope to understand, don't even try!
  9. Thanks every one! I am happy to report I have found a perfect duplicate, like 99.9 % perfect. It's MAC's Fresh Brew. I'm going to try to post a picture.
    What I had to do was, I followed all of your advice and found a full sized new, un-opened tube of my YSL 24 on Ebay, with the intention of sending a swatch to Three Custom Colors. But I had to travel to Chicago Monday so I took it to the MAC Counter at Nordstrom and the Pro there took a lot of time to find a match for it. She was very sharp, and very determined! We were both amazed at the near perfection of the match.
    You are all so helpful,



    I am really grateful. And I'm going to try Three Custom Colors and see how close they get in case this ever happens again. I mean I've lost beloved shades before, but losing 24 after all this time was quite a blow. Anyway with all your help I'm out of mourning! I had no idea there were those great sites like TCC and Temptalia.
  10. Great match! MAC lipsticks are fabulous and have sleek, chic packaging. Not as pretty as YSL, but nice on their own.
  11. The formula is a little more moisturizing, but I can live with that, I just blot it with a little powder. And yes, i'm actually really liking the black bullet packaging, it's a new and different dynamic for me but it's very cool. Couldn't be more pleased!
  12. Glad to hear that your have found a best one. It's a fine thing to find a best product! Isn't it?