What do you do when your brand new bag pops a stitch? Very upset here!

  1. I got a turquoise swift Massai last Wednesday afternoon. It was the only one in the US. I carried it only 3 times. It's now popped a stitch at the upper edge. I'm really bummed. The bag can't be replaced, since it was the only one they could find, and they had it shipped from another store.

    I'm so distressed and disappointed. My DH is going to blow a gasket at the thought that a $3K bag has come unstitched in less than a week.

    Hermes can repair this, right? How long does a restitch take? My boutique has indicated that all their refurbishing goes to Beverly Hills.

    :crybaby:This would be me right about now.:crybaby:
  2. O no :crybaby:you must feel so upset... I'm sure Hermes can fix it for you. I have no idea how long it will take...I think they would go an extra mile for you, as it is a brand new bag. BIG HUG, it is going to be allright!
  3. I think it can be done while you wait. If you aren't local to BH then it will be shipped there. The craftswoman at BH is wonderful. I'm sure it can be fixed quickly.
  4. GGA - I'm sorry to hear that. only way is to have H fix even if it means sending it to manuela in BH. my ostrich HAC was also shipped out last year and it was done w/in 2 weeks. it just really depends on how busy manuela is!
  5. they will perhaps do it for you for free since it is brand new, don't fret, it may have to be sent somewhere but it will be fixed.
  6. It's because of the super soupleness of SWIFT. The leather is so squishy and that in itself loosens the stitching over time.

    The stitches on my Swift Lindy came off barely a week into use. Just got my craftsman to resew it.

    And yes, your store will get this done for free.
  7. This makes me feel a bit better then. I'm not overly precious with my bags, but I didn't mistreat it either. I was so disappointed, but if this is just the nature of swift, I can live with sending it to be restitched every so often.

    Thank you, all. Tempest in an orange tea cup now averted.

    Doesn't this mean I'm going to have to get a new bag tomorrow to carry while this one's being repaired, don't you think?
  8. I remember HiHeels had a popped stitch on her peanut bag. she took it to the craftsman in NYC. he fixed it right there, while she stood there and waited.
    I think your beautiful massai will be fine!:heart:

  9. I think this is the only thing to do, gga!:tup:

    I am sorry this happened. I hope DH will understand! We cant lose the support of the DHs.
  10. I am sorry to hear about this, but it's good to know it can be fixed quickly. But I am also surprised to hear this may be common with swift bags. Yikes. Is it just the "softer" bags like the massai and lindy, or is it common on birkins and kellys as well???
  11. gga, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure H will repair the bag for you. :smile:
  12. I'm sorry to hear about this, these bags are hand made, and smaller issues can happen, but I know by personal experience that you problem can be (invisibly) fixed in a bash, just bring it back to the store:yes:
  13. I'd be really :cursing: if they tried to charge me - it would appear the bag was faulty therefore not fit for the purpose it was designed for. They should either repair / replace or refund. If they don't, I'd speak to a lawyer - no company likes bad publicity!!

    [TBH - if it was me, I'd be fuming..and expect them to fall over themselves to help...your time to get a Birkin order in if you're after one:graucho:]
  14. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear this happened, GGA, but never fear, Hermes will save the day :smile:

    I am also surprised to hear that Swift has this issue fairly regularly. I wonder if they will eventually discontinue it because of this? I hope not! :crybaby:
  15. I don't think this will happen for more structured designs like the Birkin and Kelly.