What do you do when you take yourself out?

  1. I'm at the best time of my life right now. I feel like being alone for a bit and I would like to take myself out. I'm wondering what other people do when they're in my shoes.
  2. This might sound weird, but I specifically like to do things that I would normally do with someone else- Especially going to a movie alone! I buy myself whatever snacks I want and sit smack in the middle of the theater. Then I buy myself flowers. Maybe get takeout from your favorite restaurant and eat at home with some champagne?
  3. I love going to the theater by myself too! That way I can see whichever movie I want without having to consider other's opinions (I'm told I have a funny taste in movies). I also like to go to galleries, museums, treat myself to a nice dinner, and many a time, coffee or a glass of wine with close friends. I used to go clubbing long ago, but nowadays I find it utterly boring.
  4. Nauticalstar's suggestions are good - but you could take a good book to your favorite restaurant and eat there, too. I also enjoy going to coffee shop / book store and reading. I walk in the park, or sit in the park and gaze at the lake and mountain. Find lectures or events in the "happenings" section of the newspaper and go see them.
  5. I see movies by myself all the time. or a live performance, or shopping. those 3 things I enjoy by myself quite a bit.

    and while I hate eating dinner at a restaurant by myself, lunch, or even better, brunch, is quite nice. I bring a big, fat magazine. good food and good reads is a great combination.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I really need some ideas of what other people do or where they go when they are alone. Wow, a lot of you like going to the movie alone too. Bookstore is a really good suggestion.
  7. I thought of going to the movie too! But I was afraid I'll feel worst when I see happy couples or people with friends.

    Buying flowers for yourself is a great idea!:flowers:

    I don't like to eat at restaurant alone but takeout is a great alternative. I will do that.:yes: Thank you so much...
  8. Of course it can hurt to see happy couples sitting in a restaurant-but think of all the people who are sitting there wishing to be alone-it can be very nice to enjoy a nice restaurant alone, planning a day of shopping or museums over brunch, please try it!
    I really enjoy walking so I love to walk through an interesting part of a city-I even travel alone and love it.
    How about doing a spa evening? Either at home or in a spa?
  9. Thanks, sweetie. I feel better about it after reading your reply. OK, I'll try it. :yes: Guess I'm not the only one out there. Hmm... spa is an indulgence I'd always love anytime.
  10. for movies, just don't start going alone to the friday or saturday night session. ease yourself in by going early in the day, you'd be surprised how many people go alone then, it's usually more alone people than couples.
  11. Yeah, you're right! Hehe...I'm going to take myself out during the day to the movie I've been wanting to see! Yay! I like your idea about bring a big fat magazine along when eating out alone. Glad I'm not the only one who hates going to restaurants alone.
  12. I don't do alot of things alone, i do go shopping alone but only because i cant shop properly with other people. I don't think i'm brave enough to got out to eat by myself, although when i had a job i would eat alone on my lunch break but that was just a sandwhich or something. I guess i could go to the movies alone, sometimes i have nothing to do all day and there are movies i want to see but i've never even considered going alone before, maybe i will.
  13. The only reason I suggested takeout is because when I want to be alone I hate being in a restaurant full of chatty people. So I thought it would be nicer to set up a nice table for yourself and have all the peace and quiet you want :smile:
  14. im like the biggest loner ever!!!!!!!!!
    i do everything alone.
    early in the morning i eat breakfast by myself at restaurants.
    then i go to school, then go shopping (let me tell you: there's nothing better than shopping alone!!!!!!!! nobody telling you to hurry up in the fitting rooms!)
    when im down, i shop and go to the library. reading is good.
    i also go to the movies..and to the zoo!!!
    sometimes i just go to the pet shop or aquariums..
  15. If you want to try the restaurant thing without crowds and such, what about taking yourself out for tea! I love getting all dressed up, just for myself, and then going out and enjoying tea and scones and little sandwiches while reading a good book or catching up on a little work. I also prefer going to museums by myself, so I can spend as much time as I want looking at the things I find interesting. I agree with the bookstore and park ideas as well.