what do you do when you really want a certain bag BUT don't have the $$?

  1. For example, I'm dying for a marc jacobs blake and I can set aside $ and save up, but what if they don't have the color I want by the time I have the cash?

    I just sold anything worthwhile on eBay to fund my soon-to-arrive YSL Muse so I can't raise extra cash. Hmmm, wonder how much change is really in the sofa cushions?
  2. Cry.

    OR beg loved ones for $. At least that's the only choices I have right now until I get a job, lol.
  3. I wait. I save here and there. I avoid doing things that cost $$$.
  4. Sell a bag you don't use?
  5. I always try to cash in on upcoming holidays or birthdays :P
    If there's nothing coming up, I sacrifice something. Going out to eat, drinking...those things add up big time!
  6. Tax refund? Or if you do save up, you never know, they may come out with a bag you like even better by then.
    I really want another bag too, but I am working on some self control this week. It seems I get one and then I want another and another. I am truly an addict!
  7. Save save save! I always try to have a "bag fund" should these types of situations arise! hehe
  8. Yes ! I agree with blushingbaby, savesavesave, I would never want to go into debt because of a perfectly controllable (most of the time!!) addiction. ;)
  9. ditto.
  10. Wait. I don't know about the rest of you, but there always seems to be yet another drool-worthy bag right around the corner!
  11. save save save! save like a mad women! for the past 2 months, ive been living on toast and spreads for lunch! no more subway! PLUS, i dont spend $30 a week on ciggies anymore!!! YIPPEEE!
  12. Thats why I just started to sell my older bags that I never use!
  13. I don't have the money to buy bags and just have them collect dust, so I sell other bags I don't use. Untill I graduate from school, I only buy bags that I know I'll use. Man, I can't wait to graduate from school! I can buy a bag every month. :biggrin:
  14. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  15. You just have to save up and scrimp as much as you can on other stuff. That's what I do. If I desperately want a bag, I'll do stuff like cut back on clothes spending and not dine out when I'm with friends.
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