What do you do when you love a bag in theory, but not in use?

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  1. Alright, I'm in need of your opinions :biggrin:

    I have a Teal Domed Satchel; gorgeous bag, really cute, stylish, the whole nine yards. But the last few times that I've carried it, I've been so annoyed by it that I immediately switch out of it when I get back home. Maybe the satchel style isn't for me anymore; I was just out shopping and my arm was hurting by the end of the trip b/c I couldn't find a comfortable way to hold my purse and my shopping bags. I am wishing that the shoulder strap worked better on it. My question is - do I sell it, knowing that if I do, I will never see it again, or do I keep it, and continue to be annoyed every time I use it? I don't know that I want to keep something just because of how exclusive it is knowing that carrying it isn't for me - I am currently leaning towards selling and then turning around and buying a Tourmaline Legacy Molly.

    If you were in my shoes, what would you do?
  2. I have a denim domed satchel and love it. I am a shoulder bag person but this bag works on your shoulder (at least for me) Its that have a choice with this bag. I love the outside pocket for my phone or keys. I love that it has a nice wide opening, easy to see things in there..

    Do you not find it comfy on your shoulder?
    If you think your arm hurts from this bag the molly leather is much heavier then this bag.
    If you're not happy with the bag, sell it but I don't think molly is going to work because its heavier and in theory its the same bag, a hand held bag with a long strap.
    I think you need a shoulder bag!!
  3. No, it's just not comfortable on my shoulder, especially when I have a coat on. I wonder if the denim works better on the shoulder because it isn't patent?

    I already have a couple of duffles which I love! :smile: I was hoping the Molly strap would be comfortable on my shoulder, unlike the Domed strap which is just causing the bag to bump around my hips...
  4. Set it on a table and look at it everyday for a couple of weeks. Think about how you might use it. Maybe it is just for special occasions or infrequent use - not for shopping. There are several bags I have that I would not take grocery shopping because they could get banged around, but they are great for browsing or out to lunch. Or you may get tired of looking at it and be ready to sell.

    Sometimes when I'm shopping for clothes and buy something, I'll put my purse inside the big shopping bag. Or I'll put a small shopping bag inside my purse.
  5. For me if I can't use then it has to go. I have sold some great bags in my time, even some discontinued bags or limited editions just because they did not work right with my lifestyle. I am not one to hang on to bags simply because they are pretty or hard to find knowing I can't really use it like I want to. I have a busy toddler so right now its about durability and easy functioning. Small or handheld only are pretty much nonexistent in my closet, lol. One day that might change. I say if you are aggrevated now it will likely not get better and your best bet would be to sell and get something you know you will use and love.
  6. I love the domed satchel. I have 3 and wish I had your teal! Oh my! I can never find one :sad:

    If you don't like carrying it, it must go! I just bought the navy, brown and fuchsia colorblock Molly and think it's stunning to look at, but as soon as I had my stuff inside I hated it. Thank God I didn't clip the tag yet! No matter how pretty a bag is, if you won't use it, it needs to go. I'm taking my Molly back tomorrow :sad: Wish I could exchange it for a teal patent dome! :roflmfao:
  7. I know how you feel. There are bags that I love how they look but aren't that easy to carry. I have two Kristin domed satchels. I haven't carried either of them because I'm still not sure they will work for me. I would have trouble parting with yours since the teal is so rare you'll never be able to find it again if you change your mind.

    It is an adjustment for me whenever I switch bags. I love Sophia, for instance, but if I switch from a shoulder bag it takes me a few days to get used to carrying a satchel.
  8. I bought a denim and fawn domed satchel at the outlet - early summer I think. Both still have tags on - because I'm still uncertain. The only reason I haven't returned them is because I got them for such a good price. Dumb reason, I know! On the other hand... I got the Tourmaline Molly last Friday - and I've carried it everyday since. I Love it! The shoulder strap does work well on it for me - very comfy - it just seems to balance out, and can almost forget it's on my shoulder. Your color choice is gorgeous too:smile:
    The way the long strap attaches on the domed satchel - staggered from side-to-side - seems to make it more awkward......
  9. I am more of a shoulder bag or crossbody person so I can't contribute to the discussion of the domed satchel; but I understand conceptually loving a bag but not liking it at all IRL!

    I love the look of the maggie, but that style just doesn't work for me. It slips off my shoulder and all the compartments drive me crazy!
  10. I think that I would let it go-there were several bags that I loved in theory but then got rid of because I would not carry them. I even ditched a whiskey legacy leigh-a beautiful bag but once I got it-it just wasn't for me.

    Although-I liked Jesssh suggestion of maybe just using it for certain events because it sounds like to me that you still really like the purse but that she is a little difficult for everyday-eight hour use.
  11. I like the idea of using it just for special occasions, but I don't have that many of those in my life, honestly :smile: I am a teacher, so I work long hours, then come home and essentially crash on my couch :roflmfao: My husband is a homebody too, so we're not frequently going out at night, so if we do, I just grab whichever bag I've been using that week and off we go.
  12. I know the feeling-sometimes we talk about going out for a drink or whatever but it doesn't usually go farther than that! You never know though-someday we might actually make it out the door!
  13. If I really loved the bag, I would probably just use it occasionally as opposed to using it as an everyday bag.
  14. See, I'm thinking like you... I have never really regretted selling a bag when I have, and I don't know that I would regret this one going.

    Funny how we're opposites like that! :smile:

    I just got a Lindsey at the outlet, and I have been loving her! I've actually been carrying her up until today when I switched into Domed, and I instantly was upset that I had...

    I think I would honestly be just as happy with a picture of the thing, at this point! Yes, the strap is the absolute worst. I am glad to hear that the Tourmaline Molly is working out for you, Jan... since there is a PCE next week, maybe I'll just drive up the store on Friday when it starts and load up the Molly in store to try her out. I really am a Legacy girl at my core, I think - I have the duffle in Emerald and Red colorblock, the tanner in Sunflower, the Penny in Cobalt, and I would never consider selling any of those.

    I used to have a Maggie - the chainlink in black! I loved it so much, but I sold it because of the compartments! I could never keep my things straight :smile:
  15. That's the thing - today was my "occasionally", and I was annoyed... makes it hard to decide! Stupid thing is so cute but so bugging me right now...