What do you do when you love a bag but are not comfortable with the price tag?

  1. There is a bag i really love but the price is so high. I am able to afford it if i save up for it but it is just alot of money and it feeld weird. I could buy many other designer bags that i like for the price of this one but nothing in this range that i love as much. It's not an everyday bag though.

    Have you ever been in this keind of situation?
  2. Personally, I prefer "quality" to "quantity" and having said that, I'd rather have a select few really well made handbags as opposed to hundreds of cheap ones.

    Besides, generally speaking, you get what you pay for. I have an LV International passport style wallet and it's 6 1/2 years old, but looks as though I just bought it. AMAZING!
  3. I cry invisible tears and hate my life until I change my mind?
  4. I usually wait for it to go onsale or watch for it on eBay. This happens to me all the time, b/c Im jobless but I have expensive taste. So i know exactly how you feel.
  5. usually i try to talk myself into it or justify it.. but in the end i never do. haha.
  6. I love Chanel bags but they have been generally out of my price range. I'm saving for one though...I only pay cash for my bags so it may take a little longer, but to me it's totally worth it!

  7. I wait until it pops up during a sample sale.
  8. I save up for it, wait for it to go on sale or eBay. If it doesnt go on sale or eBay by the time I've saved up and I still want it, it's allllll mine!!!
  9. Save up for it with spare change. Start a big piggy bank. When you've finally saved up all that money, you won't want it anymore! And if you do, well then, you've saved up for it with little bits of money that has gone unnoticed from your spending and lifestyle.
    But seriously, if it is a bag you like, it is better to get that one, even if it is expensive. Because otherwise, you'll buy a lot of bags to "substitute" the feeling of your dream bag -- and in the end, you'll spend way too much money trying to compensate. I know, because I speak from experience.
  10. I totally agree!!!:yes:
  11. Wait for it to go on sale...search the deals and steals for a discount code/sale or try eBay. :yes:
  12. I have to agree with the other ladies here...I usually wont pass it up if it s bag i REALLY like because honestly thats rare too that you come across a bag you REALLY like and i only regret it after if I pass up on it...but it its out of my price range, I just save and look for one on ebay...by the time I have enough to buy it and its not on ebay I just splurge!!=)
  13. I think that it is definately situational. If the bag is a classic, like a LV speedy or something along those lines, than the price is justifiable - classics are classics, and worth the price..plus, they rarely go on sale.
    However, when it is a trend based bag I usually hold off. Trend bags go on sale more frequently, plus they are only "in" for so long.
  14. I start saving, check for sales and coupons and I also view my current collection for any bags that I may want to sell. But I do NOT buy substitution bags. Trust me I used to and it doesn't work.
  15. Certain brands never go on sale, like Chanel. That being said, I just lucked out and got an awesome distressed leather tote bag for 30% off! Other bags you have to wait for. I usually like older bags, meaning a season or two old. They are hard to find but if you can find them, sometimes they are on sale. If you "save" for a bag, it might be gone by the time you get your money together. There were a lot of bags I wanted this year but by the time I found some on sale, I'd found others that I liked better or I didn't want them anymore. If you are spending a LOT of money, like in the thousands, you better like the bag for a long time!!!