What do you do when you get mad at someone?

  1. I get caught up in the moment and usually say really flat-out mean stuff. It just kind of spills out of my mouth even though half of it I don't honestly mean.

    Any advice to restrain from saying really hurtful stuff to people I care about?
  2. It's called pride...we all have it and would rather scream out nasty things we don't mean than be the first to apologize. But what I try doing is stopping and saying to myself "Do I really want to say that?". Or, simply walk away or hang up the phone, take a breather and get back to it later when I'm not as upset.
  3. I used to do that. (My mother would say the worst things to me when she got mad at me.) But then I realized me saying those things won't do any good, and I don't want to stoop her level.

    I still say them but not to their face. I have a 'rant mode' either by myself or with someone I trust and then I'll go back and try to fix the problem.
  4. I'm always tempted by my parents because they do not respect me and still tread me as a child...sad I know but would never say nasty things to them.

    If it was a stranger, sure, why not? I did nothing to provoke the hostility.
    But then there are time when I just can't be bothered.
  5. I used to do the same thing, and 9 time out of 10 actually swing on whoever Im arguing with. It takes A LOT to walk away, but thats what I do now. I also know I am now over the age of 18 and can be arrested and sent to jail for some of the things I used to do when an argument broke out,so that has calmed me down a lot lol.
    Although, I got into an argument with a girl about a year ago...I was walking away...then she said something that just made me snap. Thank god my SO was there, he prevented me from doing anything I would regret.
  6. Bite your tongue & be above those people, you will come out better than them!
  7. Thanks everyone! Hopefully I will be able to keep the "Go to Hell" and etc. in my mouth next time I get in an argument LOL!
  8. i'm probably not like what most girls are like: I'm usually very quiet when I'm mad. People told me that it's scary when I'm really quiet haha...idk what's the problem, just leave me alone when i'm quiet...haha..
  9. I used to do that too. But as I get older, preserving relationships means so much to me. Unless it's really off the charts, I just hold it in. Write a nasty-gram but don't send it. Or else give them a piece of my mind in my head but don't say anything to the person IRL.

    I just hate it when I have to get nasty with anyone. :sad:
  10. I sometimes say really nasty stuff....I tend to have a knee jerk reaction....lately I have been taking more time to think about what I want to say. I want them to know how i feel but I try not to be so reactive.

  11. i tend to send really snarky, ill-advised text messages when i'm mad.
  12. hahaha. you're not the only one. :p
  13. Let's just say my paintball gun got confiscated...

    LOL J/K...when I get mad I usually get really defensive and can blow things out of proportion.
  14. Hmm... I'm great at "cold shoulder"... half the time I should probably open my mouth & just spit out what's bothering me, but when I'm mad, I tend to smolder...
  15. I used to do that...Just wait a few days until they have calmed down and apologize to them