What do you do when you can't really justify buying a Louis?

  1. I like tons of things Louis makes, inclusion, cles, bandeau but when i just want something to use it now and then i can't justify the price. Also i like lots of trendy bags but i wont allow myself to buy then because i don't know how much i will wear them. Do you give yourself a break sometimes?
  2. i've started to learn to think a bit more before i buy something..in terms of how long i'll use it...whether it's really practical etc..

    but if you have the funds, why not buy whatever u want?
  3. I am always seeking out the next Louis, I am addicted!
  4. Well, I tell myself that I'll get only one cles/agenda/bandeau/inclusion, and that's it, not too much to ask for. :p
  5. ITA! except cles, i have tons of cles b/c that's what i get if i just want a little piece of 'that new line'<--quick fix! But they are really useful.:yes: It's really not that bad of deal consider how long LV can last w/it's awsome quality.
  6. Sabine I am the same way.
    I love so many of the LE pieces but I know that I wouldn't be giving them the attention they each deserve so I stick to only buying some classics that I know I will use a lot. (That and I could never afford to buy everything that I want! LOL)
  7. Buy now...regret later. lol
  8. If I can't justify it I won't buy it.
    Because, I know if I wait something nicer or more justify-able will come along.
  9. I'm sort of taking a break right now, I think I'd like a Hermes scarf before another LV item, .. when there's nothing you really want, just wait a bit, and make it worth it for the really great item that does come up - you know it will.
  10. Yea, cles is easier to justify having a few, since you can even use few at the same time- one for coins, one for cards and IDs, one for nano/razr, one as a purse charm, etc. :p
  11. If I can't justify it I don't buy it.

    It took me a while to be able to buy a purse I just kept thinking how I could get a bag for the same money then i saw the dentelle long purse & that made up my mind for me.
  12. If I can't justify the purchase I won't buy it.
  13. I never buy LV just on a whim. I am a student with a pretty sweet intern job and will be moving home in a week for the summer/rotations next year. All of my income is pretty much mine to spend and even still, I would never just buy a "trendy" LV just to have. I think out my purchases (speedy and cles) and plan only things I know will last a while or that I will still enjoy years down the road.

  14. Hi.. Your mom is a happy and proud mom :smile:

  15. I like some small things LV makes but will never buy them as I am too cheap to spend that kind of $$$ on them (I know for a fact that I won't use them enough to justify the price). I also used to buy trendy/IT bags but leaned my lesson the hard (and costly) way.