What do you do when you can't afford a bag?

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  1. What do you do when you can't afford a bag but MUST have it?? :sad2:
  2. Beg, plead, wheel and deal with my hubby. :P
  3. pass on it... and see what else i can afford...
  4. tap into my travel fund! :cry: its SO bad! But otherwise, i just sell all my crap on trade me :biggrin: until i get the funds for a new bag! :nuts:
  5. I put an envelope in my desk and squirrel away every extra $10 or $20 I can glean until I gather it all!
  6. LOL, sounds like me and my mad money fund. Hubby has no idea where, or how much is in there. I'll try all avenues to get something before I dip into there. :lol:

    He caught onto one of the ways that I am able to add funds to it though....if I ever have to return something...I keep the cash. :P

    But you know what? He pays all the bills...and literally knows every dime I spend, minus my special fund, of course.... I am at home with my kids...which is the job I absolutley love...but obviously it doesn't provide a paycheck. I need some autonomy...and this is the way that I get it.
  7. Eat Ramen noodles and try to drive as little as possible until I can save up the money for it :P
  8. I get a cheap alternative to kick around and do less shopping and perhaps go on a diet.LOL
  9. try to get more hours at work and stop eating out.
  10. I have to say eating out can get quite $$
  11. Try bring lunch to work (I hate Lean Cuisine meals!) rather than eating out. And, cut back on Starbucks.
  12. I cry for a bit then save. Just kidding about crying! I mgiht whine a bit but I will save $$$ no matter what it takes.
  13. beg my parents and my sisters. and if that does't work i cry/get reallllly sad
  14. That works on my BF. I didn't expect him to give in or anything but I was really bummed that I couldn't get this one bag and he got it for me and I was so surprised (and happy!).
  15. You're too funny, Cristina!:P