What do you do when you are sick?

  1. I have been sick for 3 days and feel like I can hardly move today! It is starting to make me depressed! Worst part is, I think I am getting an EAR INFECTION!!!


    What do you do when you are stuck at home sick?
  2. Sleep, watch trashy talk shows, Watch movies and surf the net! Hope you feel better soon! :flowers:
  3. I drink lots of tea and orange juice. I also like toast and soup- those always help me out! I load up on vitamins and just relax and make the best of it! I watch tv and read magazines and just try to take good care of myself.
  4. My dog always knew when I'm not feeling well. Once I had a bad infection down my leg, can't walk for days, nasty fever and all.. and he stayed at my bedside the whole time. Won't even go outside to play like usual. Always stood on guard. It was so sweet. My parents noticed that too and even they were so moved by my dog's sweet gesture to watch over me.
  5. Aww, sorry to hear, toxicgarden. I recently just got over a cold too. :tdown: Chug water (room temp.) and hot tea, and get TONS of sleep! There's also nothing better than some trashy t.v. and online shopping to boost spirits - tons of free shipping offers going on. Feel better! :heart:
  6. I take Virafungi - its a mushroom extract that helps to speed up the healing process!
  7. Sleep. And unless it's a stomach virus I have to have Popeyes chicken.
  8. Rest and drink lots of fluids and eat chicken soup. It's the best thing when you're sick.
  9. I am sick too! I feel like my head is going to explode! lol. I have just been taking it easy-drugging myself up on over the counter meds and surfing the net! I also made SO go to blockbuster with a list of movies lmao!
  10. Aww QueenofDa702 I am sorry you are sick too! It really stinks, doesnt it? Luckily I think that finally, after 4 days, I am getting over it!
  11. rest, drink tons of H2o and kick it with tPF in bed:tup:
  12. sleep, take long baths, do lots of grooming, read fashion magazines
  13. Sleep and drink lots of ginger-ale. But I seriously never get sick! The last time was about 2 years ago, I just had a little 24 hour bug. Hmmmm...probably shouldn't be bragging about how I never get sick....
  14. Speaking of which, my throat feels itchy and nasty. Tried to take some prescription meds that were left over from the last time I had a cold, but it doesn't seem to be working. Ugh.

    To answer the question, I usually still go to work and school and stick it out. But if it gets really bad, I stay home and sleep, listen to music, watch tv , or go on the computer.