what do you do when the zipper gets caught?

  1. Am I missing something? I'm not a Chanel expert by any stretch of the imagination but what did they do? :blink:
  2. I cant believe anyone would do that and then try to sell the bag on ebay saying that the bag is in "very good condition". But then again, I cant believe anyone would actually bid on the poor bag.
  3. It's cute.. but so damaged... im tempted :-\
  4. that looks bad, but then again, why not bid on it ? everyones going to be focusing on the outside of the bag, not on the inside
  5. I know Hermes cuts or puts a line through tags on things that are on sale......does Chanel do that? (probably not to that extreme though)
  6. sometimes, I think, they take a permanent marker and put a line through Chanel, but this woman said she did this herself
  7. I aw this auction yesterday...poor bag!!
  8. I really don't understand why you would do that, usually a caught zipper can be worked free. If a zipper got caught on my Chanel and I couldn't fix it I would just leave it caught. Those small pockets aren't that useful anyway.
  9. No, I would never bid on that, I'd rather pay retail for a new one. I know you can't see it from the outside, but every time you open the bag, there it is!
  10. If (IF) it had a security tag on the inside and the bag was stolen, the only way to remove the tag without having the ink pack explode would be to cut it out.

    I think that is a stolen bag.