What do you do when someone fondles your bag?

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  1. Rather strange thing happened to me today.

    I was shopping with my little sister and while she was in the change room, the SA was making small talk with me.Then, she suddenly walked over and grabbed the little keyring I have on my BG city, saying how cute it was. I was a little weirded out, but a lot of people love the keychain (it's a cute little pink donut that matches my bag). Then my sister came out to model her clothes and I thought it was all okay as she steped away again.

    When my sister went back into the change room I went to grab my lipbalm out my bag, so only one handle was on my shoulder and it was gaping open. The SA walked over again and pulled the silver tag out to see it more clearly.:wtf: By now I'm speechless. She was asking all kinds of questions about where I got the bag and grabbing it and holding it - she almost pulled it off my arm!!! :cursing:

    By now I'm about ready to scream, but just dumbly keep answering her questions, wishing my sister could get changed faster so I could have a reason to leave.

    What do you do in those situations? I know it happens frequently here, lots of stories about people fondling the corners/tassles of Bbags, but this SA was right inside my bag! I was too in shock to process it!:sweatdrop:
  2. OK, that sounds too much for me! I would seriously tell her to stop with my not-so-friendly tones. This is way beyond my tolerance! I mean, pull out the silver tags? It's so RUDE I can't believe it! Feel so angry for you! :cursing:
  3. I HATE it when anyone touches my bag. But I can't just say "Stop touching my bag" so I would pull away and hold the bag in my other arm away from the person while continuing to chat and try not to draw attention to what I'm doing.

  4. I should have tried that, moving the bag away. Didn't occur to me at the time though, was too shocked!:P

    chaoyichien - I couldn't believe how rude she was being either. I raged about it when I got out the store, and even my sister (who isn't a bag person) agreed.
  5. On a good day, I would probably grin & bear with it & get out of the place ASAP even if that meant walking away from my sister who is still trying clothes. On a bad day, I would probably raise my voice or give her a scary ***** stare. But I get a lot more good days than bad & when I have bad days, I normally hide from the world so I have lesser anger to leash out!!!
  6. Oh Qwerty, if ever you needed to bag slap someone! :bagslap: I had a similar problem with a Paddington - except it was my friend who lifted the padlock and started bashing it around to see how heavy it was - i had to just snatch it back off her - it doesn't need help chipping! If an SA started digging around inside my bag, i'm not sure i'd even be polite about it! Next time just keep it clamped shut! :heart:
  7. Putting her hand in your bag is out of order. I would have slapped it out quite jollily and raised my eyebrows at her. I might have said 'Watch out - the store detective will think you are a thief'.

    Touching corners I would not mind, so long as the person smiles first and speaks to me in friendly terms (and is in my line of sight). If not, I would say something nasty.
  8. :roflmfao::lol:
  9. I've never had an experience like that, thank God. If I did I'd find it quite hard not to be rude. I mean, who would do that and why? Did she think your bag was not authentic or what? The closest I've come to that was one day a couple of years ago, when a sales assistant in Marks and Spencer's began admiring my Chloe Paddington. She stroked the leather when I set it down on the counter, then called over another assistant to admire it. But that was different. Those two ladies were genuinely admiring the bag, and didn't go over the top.

  10. :roflmfao: I wish I had the ability to think up something like that to say! All I could do was stare, I felt so stupid afterwards. :Push:

    I'm glad other people think it was over the line too, obviously this SA thought it was quite normal behaviour!

    I'm reading all these posts and wishing I had been brave enough to do/say half these things. But I'll know for next time if it ever happens again! :tup:
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. People try to touch mine. I think because the leather looks so soft! If it's someone I know I don't mind. My mom likes to pet it sometimes in the car :smile:

    When people I don't know try to touch one of my babies I try to move it to my other shoulder without them noticing. I hate to say 'dont touch her!' and offend someone.

  13. Insane behaviour!!!! Nobody has ever touched my bags, but should they dare I would :bagslap::smash: them, LOL

  14. I read this on a pregnancy website.
    I hear that some people touch bellies of pregnant ladies without asking. You wouldn't touch a stranger's body parts, why make that exception for pregnant ladies?
    If someone touches your bag maybe that gives you license to touch theirs back. If they don't have a bag on them, get into their shirt?
    That's a bit extreme, but it's funny to imagine. I'd be too shy to do it though.
  15. I would be just like your - horrified but too shocked to say something at that moment. All the choice words would come to me after the fact. After one of my mom's friends came upstairs to my room and fondled, rubbed her face against ALL of my bags, the next time she tried to do it when we were out having dinner I told her to back off the bag! Everyone laughed, but I really wanted to smack her upside the head. Get your own bags to feel up lady and leave mine alone!