What do you do when somebody....

  1. bangs/knocks into your + $1000 bag? I've had an alcoholic drink spilled on my lv denim neo speedy and numerous shopping carts/people bang/knock into my ysl muse causing scratches. I've wanted to do not so nice things back to them, but I held my tongue and restrained myself. What would you do?
  2. Your post didn't say where you were when somebody spilled the drink, so I'm assuming a bar type place. I have learned not to take nice bags to bars, not only the issue you just mentioned, but they also end up quite smokey smelling.

    As for people bumping into my bags, I usually have shoulder bags, so they are underneath my arm, thus someone will bump into my arm first before the bag. However, there was a time when my arm was hurt, and then I really wished someone would bump into the bag first.

    I would hold my tongue too. Most of the time, it's just an accident.
  3. Poor bags, keep more distance between your bags and the public i guess.
  4. Besides insuring the bag, there isn't much you can do. Anything we take in public, including our bags and our cars are succeptible to damage because of either our own or the negligence of others. Of course, try to be careful about where you bring certain bags, but otherwise they are meant to be used and will inevitably sustain some bumps and bruises.
  5. ahhh! this was so my situation yesterday, i was at a round table in a busy restaurant with no place to put my bag but on the arm of my chair. it (and I) was bumped into no less then 35 times, i couldn't believe it! i kept staring at the servers waiting for them to at least say "excuse me" and I moved my bag a million times but to no avail. I guess now i REALLY need to buy one of those purse hooks!
  6. oh, i forgot to mention that after all that internal bleeding I then took my new balenciaga to a bar and spilt beer on it no less than three times. but it was my birthday so i didn't care so much. today is a different story. :crybaby:
  7. I get very angry when somebody walk into me and leave a scratch on my precious bag and say nothing. :cursing:
  8. While I do think bags are meant to be carried, I am pretty choose-y about where I take my nicer ones. I also don't put them down as much. I basically become a bagsitter when I take something really nice somewhere.

    I would be very upset of someone spilled a drink but wouldn't know how to articulate that without feeling self conscious of how expensive the item was and how attached I was to it.
  9. I don't take a bag that can't take the damage out into public. Also, my bags seldom leave my body.
    So few people really understand that 1) Purses are Important, and 2) Yes, a purse is valuable and expensive.
  10. I went out to dinner w/ DH on Saturday night. I ordered a margarita. I had my Chanel cerf, sitting on the chair next to me & I see DH making these weird looks as the waitress is pouring my margarita at the table...

    I wait till she finishes & DH says "Quick! Look! The tumbler was leaking the whole time she was pouring!!!!"

    Sure enough my Chanel cerf had been baptized in tequila! I was ticked. (the waitress sucked the rest of the time we were there too). I had to get up & elbow my way to the ladies room to basically bathe my bag!

    Thank god it was leather BUT GEEZ! Whether the bag is $20 or $2000 it should NOT be WET!
  11. I once had a server dump a whole slab of BBQ ribs on my brand new Cole Haan. At that time, it was the most expensive bag I had at $200. I was quite crushed, and didn't bother eating lunch. :crybaby: Fortunately, it cleaned up nicely, you wouldn't even know anything happened.
  12. I share in your frustrations!
    The people who tend to bump my bags generally are not wearing a nice bag themselves. Some are older men who are very rude. But this is the NYC subway systems for me.
    I don't want to leave my bag at home for this reason either. I didn't purchase a bag to have it decorate my shelf.....
    For now the only spills i've encountered are on the less than 1k LV bags with the treated canvas so it's easy to wipe off, except for the leather trim....Thank god.
    For the most part I just try to be careful of my surroundings. And, just carry the smaller bags if I know the place I will be at is going to be crowded.
  13. It's very hard to protect my more expensive bags while riding the subway to/from work... When people bump into my bag I usualy give them the *****iest look possible... and if they continue to do it, I say something... but if someone spilled soemthing on my bag I'd kill their first born.
  14. Well, I don't own any $1000 bags, or even any $100 bags, but the bags and clothes I do own are important to me, and any time that any mishap befalls them I do the best I can to immediately get the bulk of whatever it is off, and then attack the problem more aggressively when I get home.

    I hope it never happens, but should the mishap involve actually tearing a bag, I would have to take it to a Place, since needlework is not one of my skills!
  15. Goig to a bar ?? Take a cheap bag..... the stinky cigarette smoke won't ruin your good bags and you don't have to worry about spills- just toss it out if it gets ruined. Bumping you with a cart ?? I keep mine in the seat part of the shopping cart OR in my hands... I've never had that problem. Keep in mine SOME wear and tear is going to happen when you use bags.........