What do you do when buyer ignores you?

  1. I sold a simple game book had it listed and it sold for $20. Well I invoiced buyer and she never paid or answered any of the emails I sent her. So I figured I would just relist and forget about her. Out of the blue she pops up and pays and tells me she did not know she had won. This was about 3 weeks later and I refunded her money immediately and told her I had resold since I had not heard from her. Today she gives me negative feedback, she just says "rude" now I did nothing against her and my only recourse was to give her neg. feedback which she obviously does not care about since her feedback score is 2 or 75%. She ruined my 100% for something that was her fault who suffers for this? Me, it is not fair I did nothing wrong and was letting her slide and not filing a nonpayer. What a :censor:!!! eBay feedback is quite unfair!:cursing::sos:
  2. I think you're supposed to file an item dispute/not paid transaction.
    Also since she left you Neg feedback, you as the seller are allowed to respond to her feedback in your feedback section...
  3. I did respond but I am the one that got screwed!!
  4. I would be so mad!
  5. I wonder if you can actually contact eBay customer service to get that feedback removed. There has got to be a way you dont get penalized for shady non paying bidders!!
  6. Oh dear, how annoying! :tdown:

    Were you rude, at all, do you think (out of frustration)? Or was her neg just completely undeserved?
  7. I was not "rude" at all when she finally did pay I refunded her promptly and explained that since I had heared nothing I relisted and resold. I had invoiced her and emailed her over 4 times and there was never an answer. It was only $20 I really did not care if she did not want the book all she had to do was answer me in some way and not leave it hang for a length of time. I was nothing but polite I did not want any problems which is why I resold!

  8. Well then, that's terrible. :sad:

    I'm, currently, going through a fairly similar thing, only with a seller who didn't send the item, communicate at all, or refund and then left me a retaliatory neg; so I empathise. :yes:

  9. As far as I know, there's not much you can do; unless they swear, or mention your personal details, or something.

    There's a link to the eBay page about grounds for feedback removal, in one of the threads I started about my situation. I'll go and find it...
  10. Did you not file a NPB?? If a NPB is filed the feedback they leave does not impact your rating. The only way to remove it now seems to be a mutual withdrawal of feedback (if you have left her neg as well-maybe she wil be receptive to this since she is lower in Fb now too...

  11. Sorry for the delay, here we go:

  12. I refunded her money and explained I had resold, she gave me neg. nasty feedback and then paid me again! What is up with this person? I told her I did not have item any longer?
  13. Sorry to tell you this but there's absolutely nothing you can do. Had you filed her as a non-paying bidder? If you had done this and she didn't respond to the dispute then you could have negged her without fear of reprisal
  14. That's harsh - having a blemish on your ebay record over a $20.00 item when you behaved responsibly. To add to the notes above, one of the functions of the dispute console is to cancel contracts between a buyer and a seller. You need to close the contract with your winning buyer before you can relist or offer a second chance offer.
  15. Oh, and one more thing, if the buyer had not responded to the dispute she would not be able to leave neg feedback.