what do you do when all you want is to go back to bed?

  1. i've seen a couple threads in the general discussion forum about tPF members having a hard time....so ladies (and gents) share your strategies! i know i can use all the ideas i can get and i'm probably not the only one. :smile:
  2. Take a shower and then go outside.
  3. Sometimes I take a walk or play with my dog. More than I'd like to admit but sometimes I just go back to bed. I was on bed rest for an illness last week and I'm in a rut of not being interested in much. Hope I feel better soon. I agree with envyme getting into the shower and leaving the house helps a lot. In fact I may get out of the house and do something. The only places I've been in a week is the doctors office.
  4. to be honest...if i feel that when then i go back to bed, usually i set my alarm for at least 2hrs before i have to be in class.

    however, if i need to get up then i just walk around and that wakes me up.
  5. I'm going through a funk right now. I have been working part-time due to an injury since July, but I find myself not wanting to do anything but going back to bed for the day on the days I am supposed to work, and staying in bed all day on the days I don't. I have missed so much work the past two months! Last week I decided that I had to change my attitude and force myself to get up and in the shower. Once I've done that, I can usually get myself going. Car pooling with my husband helps because I can't sit around, I have to get ready and out the door. This is my new strategy, and I hope it works. I am also trying to get in the habit of taking a walk when I get home from work so that I won't come home and go straight to bed. Baby steps...

    You've been through a lot lately. Many (((hugs))).
  6. I'll chime in and say yes, I completely agree with those who say take a shower and go out.

    I can't stress it enough - PLEASE GO OUTSIDE - and get some fresh air at least for 5-10 minutes. It sounds trivial, but it can make all the difference in the world. Whether you're sick, tired, or sick n' tired, it will make you feel better. I promise!

    If somebody had said to me 10 years ago "I promise, if you do this, this and this, in less than a month you'll feel like a different person," I would have done it, and I'd be a better person for it today. I can't believe I lost so much time.

    It's really, really easy (and very normal) to make excuses for why you don't have time or can't do it, but that's all they are. Excuses. And I know, because I've done it. I want to send a big hug to any of you that this might apply to - it's no fun to feel poorly!
  7. I won't go back to sleep. Once I hear the alarm as painful as it may be, I get up. I usually don't feel bad after I am out of bed. The hardest is when it is dark and raining outside. In the summer it gets light around 4:30ish, which makes it easy. Having someone bring you coffee to bed is always a bonus:heart:
  8. omg that is me every day, i just say to myself "get you #ss up" and then i get up and go, once i am moving i feel better.
  9. I'm not sure if some of your are spiritual or not but I put on great Gospel songs (like Kirk Franklin) or listen to motivational/spiritual messages by Joel Osteen (love him) when I feel this way---which to be honest---is rare. I'm naturally one of those smiley-faced people....lol. I do this when I need a lift and it usually always puts me in a great mood to face the day.
    I always think that there is someone out there doing so much worse than me and there is really nothing for me to complain about because I truly have a good life and I know many people do not Just being thankful for good health and being able to get up is a true blessing in itself. I hope you don't think I'm being preachy because that isn't me. It's not about religion at all. It's about the spirit and nuturing it.......
  10. Also just put on ANY motivating music. Right now Fergie's Glamorous does it for me! LOL I love that song and I workout first thing in the mornings to it too..that really helps!
  11. Are we talking about being sleepy or being depressed? Not sure if I understand the question. If it is sleepy, the above suggestions are good. If it is sadness, that is a whole other issue.
  12. oops, i guess i wasn't very clear. i was referring to when you're feeling depressed and life is kind of overwhelming...which you're right, is a totally different animal. :smile: i just thought that as well as therapy and medication, there's got to be more you can do to cheer yourself up....i'm just drawing a blank lately b/c i hurt so much it's hard to think straight. sometimes i need a little bit of help being creative and figured i wasn't the only one. :smile:

    i totally agree with the shower and just get up and get out bit....which i've been doing because i know it's good for me, but doesn't help much some days (okay, a lot of days). the music thing sounds like a good idea....i've been thinking about getting a new alarm clock....maybe one with a cd player that can wake me up with something happy would be a good idea....hrm.
  13. i always go back to bed if i can.

    sometimes i have late nights and wake up early in the morning and be at work by 8am

    so i set the alarm at 6am, knowing that it takes me less then 30 mins to get ready (having your bag packed and clothes pulled out helps) and less then 20 mins to get to work.

    so! i wake up at 6am, and if i'm super sleepy, i'd sleep for another 30 mins. and i can still get to work on time, etc. but no breakfast.
  14. I know THAT'S right. I love Joel. And Kirk's most recent CD was GREAT! Very uplifting.