What do you do when a boutique becomes stalkerish?

  1. About a week ago I went to a boutique in my town that sells burberry watches. I have never seen burberry in my life so I wanted to see what they were like. There were no customers in the boutique so I just waddled in. I started looking at a specific watch and the manager started talking to me and somehow I spent 2 hours in there (no other customers came in because it was a slow day). I told him that I would think about the watch and call him in a week because I hate to leave people hanging.
    His sales assistant called me in the middle of class 5 days later and I told her quickly on the phone (i was somewhat annoyed) that I couldn't purchased the watch until my new credit card came in (very true because my paycheck is giong through paperwork problems at work).
    For the past 5 days I have been at the hospital and other things so I haven't been really concerned with watches.
    Anyways I check my cell phone daily. Anwyasy today I got 3 voice mail messages from the manager about the watch. One of them claimed I didn't call to say whether I wanted the watch or not (I assumed when I called his lone sales assistant that validated as a watch). Each voice mail gets somewhat more annoying/angry with me.

    Omg what do I do?? At this point I want nothing to do with them.
  2. I would call back and tell them that you are not interested in the watch and request that they cease any contact with you and that they should consider the matter closed. What a bunch of freaks.
  3. Call them and tell them that you are regrouping and you will not be purchasing the watch. If they call you again after that, tell them that you already covered this issue with a store employee/manager and you would appreciate no more phone calls. I know, it does get annoying.
  4. I would just tell this person, who clearly has major boundary issues, that his/her harrassment has made you decide against buying the watch or anything else and if he/she continues to call you, you will be contacting the Burberry mothership to complain.
  5. That's even better.:yes:
  6. All I can say is that business must be REALLY slow at that store! And obviously not just the day you were there, either! I've never heard of such harassment from a store. They sound crazy. Tell them not to call you anymore.
  7. I agree!! That is totally inappropriate! They must be really desperate for sales!!
  8. Yeah...I'd report them. Next time, if it's just a place you're not sure about your interest in, I'd either give them your house number, not your cell, or just tell them that YOU'LL call THEM when you make up your mind.
  9. that's pathetic.. yeah i would call back and say i don't want it anymore.
  10. straight and to the point...I like that.
  11. Wierd and desperate:yucky:
  12. Be straight with them and say you are no longer interested.
  13. wow- talk about extreme
  14. Whoa! What a freak. Maybe they are holding it for you? Just let them know you don't want it right now and will call again if you decide you want one.
  15. yeah, just call and say that you will not be buying at this point and not to call you anymore, but do so politely..