What do you do w/your bag when you fly?


Sep 2, 2006
I know this sounds like a really dumb question, but what do you do when you fly and have to put your bag on the nasty airplane floor?! I've thought about stashing an old pillowcase in my bag and putting the bag in that once I'm in my seat...I know I'll get some crazy looks, but I don't want to put an MJ bag on ANY floor - much less a dirty airplane floor!

Or do you leave the nice bags at home and take something else?

I will be visiting one of my best friends in Michigan - I think I may take the Emerald Sophia.
This might sound bad, but I always just put it on the floor! I guess I never thought about them being dirty before!! :shame:
I was reading in the Hermés forum, however, and some of the ladies were discussing putting their Birkins in a large Longchamps tote. Sounded like a good idea to me!
I generally don't fly with my cherished bags, for a few reasons: 1) Going through security, I try to put the bag in a bin by itself but if the line is long and the bins are scarce, I'm forced to put them directly on the belt where they get smashed and manhandled going through the machine; 2) I like aisle seats and sometimes the handles can poke out into the aisle where someone could step on them (my bags are usually big); 3) I usually have other carry-ons with me and navigating the restroom (trying to keep EVERYTHING off the floor in there!) is tough so I generally take a backpack; and 4) if you get selected for a random bag check int he security line they sometimes swipe some kind of wet cloth around the openings and I'd hate for the leather to get ruined or stained because of that.
I never had a expensive bag till well next week! LOL. While I won't be traveling with it, I would get a cheap longchamp tote and store it in there, waterproof, and dirt proof!
Hi dawn. This site's so cool with cool people -- I thought I was the only person in the whole world that had concerns about putting my bag on the airplane floor under the seat. Thanks to tPF I feel a lot better now -- am normal after all:rolleyes: (well, almost, since I have OCD anyways :P ) After going designer three years ago, I had brought a couple or so bags with me during trips. And yeah, safety HAD to come first, and surely the strict flight attendants (I wonder if there are flight attendant members here:sneaky:) will NEVER allow any sort of article, no matter how small it is, to be placed on top of one's lap -- again for safety reasons. Well previously, I tried to ignore them, but since they're very thorough especially on the American flights, I had been advised once or twice to "put my bag underneath, or if not they'd gladly put it on the overhead compartments" which would be even worse, considering the weight of the carry-ons it'd be wedged in and squish my delicate babies to death :hrmm: -- so I was always forced to place it under the seat, but that didn't stop me from taking my babies whenever I travel. When forced to do just that, I'd normally use an inflight magazine or even a blanket to spread on the floor for my baby to nestle on:yes: . Once the plane is done ascending/descending, I'd then pick up my precious baby and rest it on my lap throughout the flight. ;) Bon Voyage!
I put my good bag in a larger Tokidoki sportsac tote which zips close. When it goes thru the scan machine and when I stow it under the seat, I keep it in the tote. The good bag doesn't touch much in public places - I may be crazy :shame: but it not only protects against germs but general wear and tear.
Hmm.. Well business travel I normally sit in Business or First so bag is next to me on my seat. For PERSONAL travel - well I am relegated to buying coach (not to be confused with Coach) tickets so bag is on my lap. End of story. LOL.
Okay, this is gonna sound major OCD, but I'll put my purse inside a plastic carrier bag from Target or Whole Foods - and the plastic keeps it from getting dirty. I haven't had any trouble with my bag getting crushed bec. my bags are usually medium-sized.
I make an effort not to fly with my best bags, but when I do, I put my bag on the floor on top of a magazine. But when I just thought about it, the magazine might even be dirtier than the floor!!!!!!
I used to place them under the seat without hesitation untill I got gum stuck on the strap of one :censor: Now I either put them in the overhead compartment or hide them under my blanket, depending on the bag.