What do you do w/ clothes you no longer wear?

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  1. I have a ton of clothes I no longer wear or never wore to begin with. I have become more keen on what fits me and what doesn't and flattering and whatnot and it is resulting in a major slimming of my closet but I do not know what to do with the clothes. I have also parred down on the shoes as I noticed 1/4 of my shoes are all so uncomfortable they are strictly car to dinner shoes and not any fun. I hate to just give them away but what other option is there?
  2. I usually give them to Goodwill or those big containers you see in parking lots that donates them to different shelters. I figure if I don't want them, there has to be someone else that will!
  3. you can try consignment stores like platos closet, crossroads, & buffalo exchange.
  4. I donate mine to women's shelters or Goodwill.
  5. I donate all of my old clothes.
  6. I do one of three things: donate them for a good cause, get a receipt and take a tax deduction, let my family and good friends sift through them and take what they like, or sell them on eBay. I used to take stuff to Buffalo Exchange or CrossRoads, but they are too picky and it was just too much trouble!
  7. I divvy things up: my mom gets her pick, then some things are sold (mostly on eBay), and the rest are donated to charity.
  8. I get a lot of clothes from people I work for. It's great since they are all designer duds that I cannot afford to buy! So as a receiver of gently used clothes, I'd like to say that this is a great way to make others happy!
  9. I donate all my clothes I don't wear
  10. we donate! as long as the item is still wearable.
  11. I let my friends, etc. take first picks then donate what's left. I also know someone that hosts parties for clothing swaps were everyone brings their unwanted clothes and then you trade, etc. with others. If anything is left over it usually goes to charity or on ebay.
  12. I donate mine to Goodwill
  13. I either sell on Ebay or donate (we need all the deductions we can get!)

    It feel so good to get rid or items that you don't use, especially if someone else will use them!
  14. I sell mine on ebay or craigslist.

    If they don't sell in like 2 months, I give them away.
  15. twice a year or more I do a major purge (I'm talking at least one garbage bag full) - and then I give it to someone (e.g. a younger cousin, my mom has taken them to her bank for the girls there)...i actually have a waiting list of people now.

    I guess my clothes are coveted :yahoo: