What do you do to stay faithful?

  1. By now I already know that some of us here cheat on Hermes every now and then. For those who have never cheated, what do you do to stay on track?

    Reason I asked is I'm about to go cheat on Hermes again with two more bags, and I'm feeling darn crappy about that. However, this is what I do when I'm starved for Hermes, I need other flings to distract me. Of course, then I come back feeling all depressed because money spent on these bags could've gotten me almost an entire ostrich bag.

    What do you ladies do to keep yourself on track? I mean, aside from buying H accessories because if I do that, I'll still feel bad afterwards.
  2. It is pretty easy for me because I am a person who is pretty much in focus 24/7. That is just my personality...I will wait as long as it takes and do what I need to do to get what I want.

    Maybe that comes with age as well...who knows???
  3. I'm zero help Kou because I am thinking of buying a Chanel myself. :blush:
  4. I don't really DO anything. I have just kind of really lost my taste for other bags. I only cheat occasionally (two new bags).
  5. I don't think there is anything wrong with straying from H. As long as you're happy with your purchases, it doesn't matter.

    However, if I was saving for an H bag, and spent it on another, I would be upset with myself. So my answer is to only look at the H bag until I get it. I'm impatient, so I need to get it now, or the money will be gone.

    I'm like you crochet, I think my next bag might be a Chanel.
  6. While Hermes will always be my favorite, I have tons of LV. If I have to go out when it is raining, I'd much rather grab an epi or a damier bag than worry about ruining Hermes leather! So, I rationalize (I'm awfully good at rationalizing...)!!:wlae:
  7. It's easy because no other bags have really appealed to me in the last couple of years or so (just a few SO LV's, that's it). Before that, however, I cheated on Hermes with Louis Vuitton and Chanel.
  8. I kept thinking if I have more Hermes, then I wouldn't have to be so paranoid whenever I go out with H bag. I get upset when I stray because I always think that the money spent could be applied toward the next ostrich acquisition. Of course, I feel the same way when I spent money on any H accessories that I don't need.

    I'm impatient, I need my bags NOW~~~:hysteric:
  9. Oh Lordy.....I cheated on Hermes just a few weeks ago in Las Vegas with a Chanel Clutch! Brought it home....now I'm returning it!

    This was one of those things where I had wanted a Kelly clutch but then I thought it would be too small so I caved and bought the Chanel. Now, I've learned the error of my ways (there's a couple of different "clutches"...mini-kelly clutch, Longue and elan) and one of them is the perfect size so it's back to the store with the Chanel! OT, am I right on the clutches? Am I missing anything?

    Anyway, I am so happy with my H purchases that nothing else has really appealed to me so I guess that's my saving grace....nothing compares with Hermes....
  10. I'm the same with OT that so far, no other bags have appealled to me.

    Until the end of this year, I'm just focusing on getting the red Birkin. I agreed with my husband that I would only get 1 more bag until the end of the year ... so I have to stick to that.

    So, I'm gonna distract myself with clothes, shoes, and accessories except handbags (H and non-H) for the time being. :lol:
  11. just birkins and kellys to me. and i bought that paris cannes beach bag in plum :smile: and i havent really "cheated" yet... or maybe i have and im just in eternal denial *which is fine by me hehe*
  12. It's easy. I just don't consider Judith Leiber evening bags to be cheating!
  13. Here's the dealio~ I bought that Chanel Classic Caviar bag from a month ago and I can still return it to NM as it's within 90 days and I hadn't used it. The thing is returns at NM is a pain in the neck since they'll have to write me a check (takes 8 weeks to do it) and they have to mail it to me and their system doesn't recognize my address.

    Another thing that's happening is a Goyard bag I recently bought. Not sure about their return policy but I got a white Goyard because I desparately want a pink bag from a company whose product isn't ubiquitous like LV, hand-made their goods, and has been around for at least a century. They no longer sell the raspberry color so I got a white one so they can paint it pink later. Plus I figure it'd be a good thrash-around bag.

    Then there's an IT bag that I cannot return because it was a special-order. I didn't think they would go through with the special order for the It bag since they never called me back about it until 2 months later where they suddenly declared that it's coming. So now I cannot decline it and it's going to set me back close to $4000.

    So, adding up all these expensive, I could've almost gotten another ostrich bag from Hermes. Should I just try to return them all and hope that maybe an ostrich bag will show up this year? I mean, returning an item won't be cheating:yes:
  14. I guess it depends on what you are buying, what you are waiting for, and if it bothers you or not! I have a Gucci waistbag I use for certain events and I haven't and won't look for one in the H line because this is fine; I also bought a white LV bag....and debated about a white H bag, but spending more than double to have the H bag, for a seasonal item for me, being worried about getting it dirty, just did not make good sense to me and I love my white LV bag! I'm quite comfortable with the bags I have and I'm okay with a few other kinds as well...
  15. Which IT bag did you get Kou? It sounds interesting...at least it is custom made for you through a special order!

    I have a YSL Muse and nearly bought one of those Chanel luxury line totes the other day at Neiman Marcus until a very loopy sounding sales associate frightened me off. I also really want a Chanel east/west bag...if I find one in white I might do it.