What do YOU do to relieve stress?

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  1. I either work out, have an epson-salt bath, come HERE to tpf, or watch a good movie. Always up for new ideas . . .
  2. TPF, mindless reality TV or shop--I LOVE TO SHOP!!
  3. I clean and organize. I do laundry, empty the dishwasher, take out trash, rearrange my closet. I'm a control freak so the only reason I can think of to be this way is cleaning is something I can control. Whatever caused my stress is probably something I couldn't control. I'm sure a good shrink would have a lot to say on the subject. LOL
  4. shop....
    watch Friends..
    go out to dinner
  5. tPF, shopping, cuddle with my cat, read.
  6. YES. Usually I shop and look at TPF on my phone at the same time if I'm reallyyy stressed :P Or I go to kickboxing classes at my gym :smile:
  7. Perhaps a bit of severe home pampering with a face mask, pedicure etc. Maybe read a good book or watch a film. Also sleep whenever possible. I swear after a good nights sleep (or catch-up) things always seem a whole lot better. It's all a matter of recharging your batteries imo, because once they're charged (by whatever means), you're in a better position to deal with everything and anything.
  8. exercising, being on tpf, watching tv shows, and eating!
  9. TPF , read magazines, run, watch my boyfriend play videos, play video games with my boyfriend, watch movies...soo many other things lol
  10. Talk it out, nap (if I can), or go live in my head for a bit*

    *Okay, I know this sounds weird, but I literally need to distance myself and live with my thoughts in order to be content sometimes.
  11. Reading a good book, baking, walking my dog or cleaning my closet. I need to be stressed out more often, thats the only time I want to clean! :smile:
  12. exercise, read books or watch TV.
  13. usually I exersise, bug my fiance, snuggle with the kitties, read, and SHOP lol especially shop. I've always got a jewellry plot hatching! Especially now that I have a neighbor who makes affordable jewellry :biggrin:
  14. shop, sleep, have a bubble bath, eat, tpf, sex.
  15. runescape, shop, exercise, clean, talk to my fiance, listen to music, take a hot shower, read...and so on.
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