What do you do to protect your stuff?

  1. I am obsessing about getting a new wallet (the zippy!) but I'm worried because it seems that no matter what I do, every several years or so, my wallet gets stolen. I know that I can't bring any of my expensive stuff to work (I work w/ marginalized people) and when I'm out I watch my stuff like a hawk and don't bring my purse/wallet to the gym or anything but there is always the odd party or event where something could happen. What do you all do?
  2. If I am going to a party where I know I am going to be putting my bag down, I bring something I don't really care about OR I carry something really small that I can keep over my shoulder. I am very protective of my bag when I am out and usually neverrrr put it down unless I am with immediate family or with friends that I am very close to. I use my speedy a lot and I don't take it if I think I will look silly carrying it the whole night.
  3. So sorry about stolen wallets... It's tough, but it happens all the time! :sad:

    I suggest a pochette or something with a chain to clip it onto you?

    There's some areas or even when I go clubbing that I will take a smaller item with me that I just make sure I have my hand on it in big crowds, etc.

    Have you thought about a cles as well?

    I have an organizer as a wallet and love it. You just really need something that works for you.
    Good Luck!
  4. I've never had anything stolen even when I left my suhali on a table in a crowded store for hours, so I don't have good advice. Mine was still there and intact with all its contents when I came back after retracing my steps looking for it. I am so sorry this happens to you! I think I've been very lucky.
    I say go for it. And just watch it carefully. Life is too short not to have nice things cause other people are so terrible. I hate that people can be that way!
  5. I invested in two vicious attack chihuahuas (see avatar and signature pic)


    Seriously though I watch my bags very closely or I bring a small bag/clutch that is easy to manage.
  6. ^LOL! And where have you been lately? : )