what do you do to lift your spirits?

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  1. Lately I have not felt good physically or mentally, I've just felt kind of overwhelmed with school and my current job and my job hunt and my parents and EVERYTHING. I just feel helpless and like crying a lot. I really do have a good life but it's just one of those low times.
    When you're totally bummed out, what do you do to make yourself feel better (besides buy bags? I would be broke if I shopped everytime I felt sad!) ? I've found that thick fuzzy socks have helped a lot...
  2. I've eaten lots and lots of ice cream. And gone out to dinner with friends -- I find that helps a lot.
  3. Go hang around others after that initial alone period :biggrin: It helps me a great deal.
  4. Oh....sorry to hear that...usually when I am feeling low I eat! LOL I eat sweet stuff. My fav. is chocolate and ice cream! I also will try to talk to the people I love/love me as they always brighten me up!
  5. I vent to friends....and watch a really funny movie...
    Hang in there -- I hope things get better for you soon!!!

  6. WOW i understand, I have been feeling super sluggish and overwhelmed and depressed. I blame the weather. I need to get away but I can't just yet because of school. New York is so cold and nasty, it really puts me down.
  7. Whenever I feel blue or stressed I read a book, listen to music and drink tea while I write. I love looking at bags online and finding as much as I can about each bag I look at. And when I'm up for it, I go out for drinks with friends and they always cheer me up.

    I know what you mean about being overwhelmed at school. I'm a nursing student and it's very stressful. I cried a lot too and felt like giving up a few times but I'm still hanging in there. I hope things get better for you. You'll get through it!
  8. I usually take a nice long relaxing bath. It makes me feel so much better.
  9. Smoke a blunt! :nuts::blink: :wacko: Give it a day or two. Usually I read a book to take my mind off of the schleprock mode...(guy in the Flintstones that had a black cloud over his head.) Jackie Collins is good for lifting my sprits. Just imagining how the other half lives, and the silly things they do is good for a laugh! I also put on some of my fave bands and just CRANK that stereo! Hope you feel better soon! Best, aw:amuse:
  10. I hope this doesn't sound too terrible, but whenever I get depressed, I try to volunteer somewhere. I find that helping someone else makes me feel better and I also come to realize that my problems aren't as bad as so-and-so overcoming drug-addiction and being homeless. It helps me regain perspective. "Yeah, your life really does suck a lot more than mine does."

    But if I don't want to do that, I just make myself a giant Mexican hot chocolate and douse it with a good splash of Kahlua, drink that, snuggle with my doggies and go to sleep. Having a good nights sleep recharges me. Speaking of which, I think I may do that this very night.

    Another thing to do is call a very funny friend. One of my girlfriends is so funny. And we just get yapping girl-talk about everything. She is so funny that she even makes me be funny (if that makes sense). Laughing together helps so much!

    I hope you feel better. Sometimes, life is just overwhelming. Hang in there.
  11. I usually will call my bf, best friend, or my baby brother and just ***** and ***** and ***** about my life to them. :cry: They're great listeners and often cheer me up. :shame: Or I'll listen to some soft music, take a nice hot bath, or read a book.
  12. :smile:
    Thanks guys, you have helped! I'll definitely try sleeping soon. And there's some girl scout cookie ice cream in the freezer...muhahaha. Thanks for all the great suggestions, I will probably go through every one...
  13. Sorry to hear you're feeling down, Bethany! I'm with you, I feel more overwhelmed and more under pressure than I ever have in my life. It's pretty crazy, but I think I'm getting used to it.

    I try to put it all in context: sure it's a struggle now, but is the struggle worth it? If yes, then suck it up and do what you gotta do! Are you going to be feeling sad about the same thing a year from now? A month from now? A week from now? Can't let yourself just stew in misery, definitely channel it into some kind of purpose in your life. Maybe you'll job-hunt harder just to get it over with!

    Anyway, hope that didn't come off as harsh because I didn't mean it to be! If all else fails, get a glass of wine, take a bubble bath and appreciate all the good things in your life. Be kind to yourself! Don't beat yourself up too much.
  14. Ditto! Also, having a good big cry releases all your build up frustrations, disappointments, etc. ( I heard this in some medical journal). After a good cry, I still have the same problems but, I feel like I have the strength deal with them. Stay strong!
  15. Oh, I used to cry all the time during my 1st year in law school. I think I have a weekly crying session on the phone with some of my classmates. We'll cry for awhile, hang up, then back to studying. :lol: Those were the days... :smile: