What do you do to get rid of your fake bags/bag accessories?

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What do you do to get rid of your fake bags/bag accessories?

  1. Just trash them.

  2. Just recycle them.

  3. Sell them to those who know they're fake.

  4. Sell them to those who do not know they're fake.

  5. Burn them...literally.

  6. Cut them up to make other projects, i.e. scrapbook, new bag, clothes.

  7. Other

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  1. Lot's of people seem to have horror stories about buying bags that turned out to be fake that I have read on the various threads. Some people got lucky and were able to return it and get their money back. Some people weren't. I am one of those people. My fake is what led me to tpf, so at least that is a bit of good news on the whole thing :smile:

    But I was curious what did you do with a 'really expensive fake' if you've ever been stuck with one?

    I'll start. Mine sits in my closet in it's (fake) dustbag. Somehow, I'm not ready to get rid of it yet. I don't know why really. I admit, I have carried it once or twice......people even asked me if it was a real Fendi and I said "oh no, just a fake" not wanting to lie and be that person. But I want to carry my real bags (I have been SOOOOO careful since). They just FEEL BETTER mentally, KWIM?

    So I guess the fake is doomed to my boring closet. Maybe it's the fate a fake deserves?
  2. ^ I got stuck with four fakes over the years :crybaby:

    Two from eBay, one from a consignment store and one was a gift

    I threw them out as soon as I found out!!! No regrets. Only more real purses to buy now that I am down four! Heeheehee
  3. I gave mine to my niece and told her it was a copy of a designer bag. She still uses it.
  4. mine is still buried in my closet too. :sad:
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    I got a fake Coach [brown] Gigi Signature Tote ($658 regular price) for $50 but within 2 days of wearing it, the leather veneer started peeling off and where the straps connected to the body of the bag started cracking and tearing away. I was horrified. Luckily, I know the person I bought it from and got my money back.

    Since then, I was pining for my Gigi Tote and walked into a Coach store and immediately bought their Hampton's Signature Swingpack in black for $128. I got addicted and bought a Large Carly Signature in regular brown for $398, but I noticed when I got home that when I put all the stuff I want to carry in the bag, it was too heavy. I returned it the next day and to the dissatisfaction of the Coach staff who have helped me. Still, I bought 3 Coach key/purse fobs and just attach them to my little black Hampton's Signature Swingpack.

    I also looked at the Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Flap in white but it was too white and returned that. Besides, the $528 cost was too much for a simple (yet sturdy) saddlebag.

    So, before I got the fake, I didn't care one way or the other when it came to Coach products. Now I am thinking of heading to a nearest outlet mall to have a look for more items.

    Good luck in your shopping spree and, yes, avoid the fakes because they will hook you for wanting the real. :girlsigh:
  6. I gave mine to my dd's who use it to carry their barbies in.:yes:
  7. Received a fake as a gift. Its lost somewhere in the basement.....:yucky:
  8. I've had 3 fakes over the past couple of years. Two were gifts from my husband (Balenciaga City and Chanel wallet) and one was a fake Fendi Spy bag I bought on eBay. My husband got his money back on the fake City but had no joy with the Chanel wallet. It's still lying unsused around the house somewhere. I donated the fake Spy bag to a charity shop.
  9. :popcorn:If I had one, I'd give it to my husband for target practice.
  10. ^^ yup or maybe a bonfire.
  11. My fake dior from ebay went in a charity box along with a bunch of old clothes.
  12. I had a fake Gucci once, I threw it out because I didn't want anyone else to be stuck with it either.
  13. I had a fake LV messenger once, I kept the brown detachable non-label messenger strap, but donated the bag to Salvation Army. I saved the strap thinking that i may be able to use it in the future, it was pretty good quality for a fake.
  14. 2 years ago a friend from work gave me a fake Coach denim swingpack for Christmas/birthday. I graciously accepted it because she was so proud that she had gotten a hold of it and had some half-baked story of how a friend of a friend knows someone who unloads the Coach truck (great, so it's stolen?). It was hideous. I gave it to my sister who in turn gave it to our cousin who wouldn't care if it was fake. I'm not sure if my friend realizes that I can spot a fake from a mile away. She never questions why she has yet to see me wear the thing.:yucky:
  15. I got one as a gift, A Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. It was pretty horrible and I never used it. So I recently gave it to a cousin of mine, She is younger and didn't seem to mind that it was fake. She was pretty excited about getting it. I told her maybe it could lead to a real one in the future. I think I got her started on designer items haha.