What do you do to get rid of the bumps?

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  1. Ok, so normally I go to the spa every month and get a facial and waxing. I really think the facials help the bumps from appearing. However occasionally, I don't go to the spa and get waxed...like this month. And now I have these little bumps all over my face (wherever I got wax).

    What are some of the things you do to keep the bumps off after waxing? Do you think that it could be the wax in these hole in the wall places or do the facials really help with the bumps?
  2. Well, I have been waxing all over for about 10 years (recently started laser!!). I usually do it myself but I do know that some people get bumps when someone (or yourself) waxes too hard or doesn't use a swift motion, or maybe it is an ingredient in that salon's wax you went to that gave you bumps.

    For your body, I LOVE this product called TendSkin. I think you can buy it at Sephora and some salons. It's for razor/waxing bumps on men's faces, women's legs, bikini, etc. For face, I'll tell you my secret and it may or may not work for you: Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil. Right after I wax, I never wet my face (seems to irritate). I put several drops of the oil on my fingers and it helps remove the wax, stings just a bit, but then calms redness and any bumps. Next morning skin is smooth and pretty. Tell me if you try it and how it worked! Good luck!
  3. I use [and have for years] Bikini Zone Gel (not the creme) year round shaver, hate the hair..aarrgghhhh...anyway...when I go in for hair color/trim and lipwax I take the Bikini Zone Gel w/me....my stylist will put alcohol on right after the waxing, then I stop by the restroom and apply a thin layer of Bikini Zone and no bumps. Will also repeat that application that night after face wash routine and again the following morning...usually that's sufficient and no tiny, painful waxing bumps!! This is my secret hope it works for you!!
  4. Whenever I get bumps on my face (in general) I use the Body Shop's Vitamin C Intensive Treatment...it tingles my skin, but GREATLY reduces bumps and red marks on my face! i LOVE that stuff!
  5. Thanks ladies! I'm going to the mall today and I'm going to check out the products you mentioned at the Body Shop. I STILL have bumps on my face from my waxing. I'm not going there anymore. I guess you get what you pay for...

    I bought this stuff called Poetic Waxing (thinking I'm crazy enough to wax my own hair). Has anyone tried that? When I went to Bliss Spa, they used it on me and I liked it. I didn't break out either.
  6. I use tendskin (got it at Sephora) and it really works on preventing and getting rid of existing ingrown hairs.