What do you do to fund your purse collection?

  1. I've only been a TPF member for about a week now and I am absolutely blown away from everyone's collections/purchases. I don't collect bags/purses, but I do have a few nice ones that were mostly given to me as gifts. I have satchels, handbag, shoulder bag and a clutch from Coach, Burberry, Cole Haan and BCBG, but nothing like all these crazy collections of LVs, Chanels, Hermes ETC.

    So to my question, what do you do that affords you to buy all your purses? To answer my question, I am a computer programmer who codes all day and crunches data and numbers :smile: I know boring...but seriously, it's fun! :cursing:
  2. I often wonder that, as well...I don't have any LV, Chanel, etc., but I do have lots of relatively high-priced bags (Coach, Biasia, Fossil Fifty-four, Cole Haan). I was an echocardiographer for years, but I've been playing SAHM to my BF's son for the last two or three (we have custody). BF foots all the bills, and it was fun for a while, but now it's driving me mad *lol*. I feel my self-esteem starting to slide, so back to "real" work or (maybe more school) for me soon! I actually think that may be the reason I've been buying so many purses lately...hmmm.

    My baby bro's a programmer, btw. He loves it!
  3. My theory is this: If I want a new bag, then one of my older bags has to be sold. In doing it this way, I ensure I dont accumulate a huge number of bags, and I get to take the time to seriously think about the bags I really love and need, and would use, and from there I can make new purchases!
  4. I'm a spin doctor. :smile:
  5. i don't know what computer coding means... i barely know how to blog here at the forum! lol!!

    i'm a social worker- which really doesn't pay me enough to live so that's not what pays for the bags.. my husband does! bahaha!!:lol:
  6. I'm a full time student, trying to finish my business degree,so I don't work. I'm still really young so my parents still buy me my bags, even though they're expensive, I'll repay them one day!!
  7. I work as an accountant, but I have the same theory as GUNG - sell a bag, buy a bag.
  8. I'm going to have to adopt that buy-sell policy (in addition to my policy on not ever carrying a balance on a credit card); I'm running out of room for these silly things. Damn you, PurseForum!!!
  9. I don't have many bags, and none is extremely expensive. I have very strict rules concerning shopping, for shoes, for bags, clothes etc. I don't go shopping just to spent my nice cash to silly things. I only go to buy something I need, and this has to be of good quality. I buy a good purse only if it is on my list, it is a good deal, and I can afford it at the time. Any cash that comes into my hands ( Christmas, name days, birthdays, unexpected gifts from my family etc) I save it for future purchases.

    Better buy 1 great bag than 5 pvc made in China bags... See my point?

    I don't work anymore and spend a lot of my spare cash to my dog actually, so now I'm not in a position to buy bags the way I used to when I was working. Still, I plan ahead, I ask hubby not to buy me silly things, and better save his money for a special occasion, and all in all I'm not very high maintenance. I don't spend a fortune in the hairdresser's, or in cosmetics. I invest in good skin care, but I don't have very expensive lets say lipsticks.

    Boyfriends and husbands are very important for sponsoring our obsession :graucho:... Don't underestimate your power as a woman, ask for that bag!
  10. I really want to know how to do this - I can't seem to make myself ask my husband to buy me anything! :s
  11. riceandspoon, this is not advice, but what I do, I don't know what other women do...

    I have a bag in my head for lets say a few weeks, I think of it, check it out on the net, read all about it, check the price, (more than often I don't have half the money lol!), and I start hinting to hubby.

    I make sure there is something special coming up, a birthday, an anniversary, christmas, a holiday, something that worths a gift from hubby. I ask him if he has decided what to get me for the special ocasion, usually he has no idea. I try to "help" him. I compliment him, I tell him what a lovely husband he is etc. I leave him alone for 1-2 days, but on the third day I ask him again for instance: "What will you get me for Valentines?". He still is not sure, but he knows I have something on my mind. So he asks back "Is there there something that you saw and you liked/need?" and I tell him about the bag. Next day I flood him with emails of links and info of the bag, but later when he comes home I don't even mention it. The next few days are crucial.Maybe he has a lot on his mind and he will forget about my bag, or he has already started looking for one. If he has forgotten about it, I remind him of the bag, once every other day. Usually we go to the store and buy the bag together or he "surprises" me, with the bag I wanted.

    I don't ask for a bag every single time, I have an order, 1) bag, 2) shoes to go with bag, 3) sunglasses, 4) jewelry/or some other accessory.
  12. Sounds like a good plan, lily25! My hubby is thick as a plank when it comes to getting these types of hints though. But hint that we should buy something like a new camera lens and bam! he's on it.
  13. I'm sure if you ask him he 'll buy you anything, all men are feeling proud buying the women they love gifts that make them happy! When he 'll see the smile on your face, he will realize what makes you happy!
  14. I get my more expensive bags as presents from my boyfriend. Two a year, christmas and birthday. And I sell things on eBay. Like just stuff thats lying around that I wont ever use. Just sold an old atari system! Plus, I save up. And I try to save up for the sale times. So, I will have a small fund that I put a bit in every month so that I can use it on one or two really nice bags during jan and june. Also, I carry bags that are around the 300 mark for every day so that I can just buy one, use it to death and have my beauties staying nice for more special days. To each his own I guess.
  15. we just bought a house so i have to b good! lol. DH and I each have a certain amount of $ a month for bags and clothes (me!) and books and dvds (him) and i save half of my $ for a bag or a new piece of jewellery. in 2007 i saved enough for tiffany earings (silver) and 3 coach bags.