What do you do other than dream of HERMES?

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  1. Hello all!

    I thought it would be interesting to see what others do during the day or night while dreaming (or buying) HERMES?
    I am a full time Dental Hygienist and mom of a 16 month old boy!
    My hobby is shopping for bags but I am now on a purse ban to save for my first Birkin! LOL

    I aplogize if there is already a similar thread.
  2. Well I dream of Hermes AT work...ahhahahha!!!!
    I've been a soldier for about five years now, in one of the nation's premier medical evacuation National Guard units. We train a lot of active duty people wherever we go and have a lot of healthy respect for our finesse and skill. In that capacity I am a flight operations person - essentially the brain of the unit that is in charge of doing everything administratively that aviation asks.
    During the week I am an Army technician - I manage and execute the budget for aviation in the state, and act as an admin aide to my boss when he needs it. It's fun because I am taking care of people in my unit as well as in our sister unit out in Eastern Oregon. I'm not really using my college degree at all - but I'm still happy I got one.
    My husband is currently at training to be a flight medic in our unit, he will be gone until July. He's been in the Army for seven years now and is also going to college at Oregon State. He got kind of a late start because he's done time on active duty.
  3. When I am not dreaming of H, I am a library manager currently managing 2 branches of a mid-size library system. Fortunately for me, my system is really encouraging staff to keep up with Web 2.0, which includes things like blogs and forums. So between reviewing statisical reports, attending community meetings, answering reference questions and minding the young 'uns after school, I drop in on the Purse Blog and the Purse Forum.

    I don't think they had tPF in mind but professional development is professional development no matter how you look at it. ;)
  4. Very interesting!