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  1. I have a gf who insists her LV's are authentic when I know 100% that they are fake. Her entire family of sisters buy fakes and aren't ashamed of telling me, but she says her are authentic. Do I call her out on it or play along? I don't want her to think that she has pulled a fast one over me. Kinda annoying!!!
  2. I would tell her truthfully that I feel they aren't authentic and leave it at that....its the part of her insisting that sounds to be a pain...simply state your view and say that if she does not believe you that its alright but you don't want to discuss it anymore...its different when someone has one not knowing and even if you know its a fake sometimes just letting it go and not crushing their joy is a less damaging thing to do (this happened to me once..i felt so bad and didnt want to ruin her joy and i thought to myself hell she isnt going to research it or else she would have already and shes just happy as well thinking its real..it bothered me for a bit but I let it go...why ruin the fun for her)
  3. I would let it go, she is only lying to herself. I would also wonder if she is dishonest in other areas too..
  4. Why do you care? If she wants to carry a fake and knows she is let it be. All you can do is voice your thoughts, if she isnt going to care there is nothing you can do.
  5. I would let it go and just try to not bring it up!
  6. for a friend, i wouldnt say anything unless they ask your opinion. now, if it was someone i didnt like, i would call them out asap. lol
  7. Leave her in a fantasy world. But if she keeps telling you they are real offer to go to a LV store with her and they can tell her, but if she is a friend do not say "I told you so...."
  8. I wouldn't play along, I would mention they are fake, point out why if she asks and leave it at that. She prefers to carry fakes and that should not undermine your friendship. Don't see how this should come up constantly in conversation, but if she asks your opinion, be honest & explain (tactfully) why you are against fakes.
  9. Honestly in my opinion, I would tell her the truth. Let her know that you can tell between real LV and Knock-offs. For instance, let her name her LV bag. Every LV bag has a name and price tag for it. If she thinks hers are real, then she should know what her bag is call. It is not fair for people who pay big bucks for real ones just to walk around seeing other people carry fakes especially if they are lying about them:nogood:.
  10. It really depends on your relationship with your friend. If fakes bother you, then she should know better than to say stuff like this with full knowledge they are fakes which is likely if her sisters are also getting fakes.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Go the LV store and let them tell her
  12. i would prob mention that they are fake once, and nicely, and then drop it. i have met some people with fakes that really think they are real - that they "must have fallen off the back of a truck"...or are taken in by the dealers that insist they sell authentic items. if she continues to insist, tell her she can have her own opinion and change the subject.
  13. tell her..
  14. i would not comment. if she insist it's real (vs the whole family admit fake) than just nod your head, say ok, than move on. it's really just a bag anyway, there are more important things in life to argue for :P
  15. I probably wouldn't confront her over it. There's a difference I think in telling a friend who thinks their LV is real that it's a fake and a friend who knows their LV is fake and lies. You'll probably just end up fighting with her because she is never going to admit she carries a fake. But, having said that, I wouldn't acknowledge her fakes either. If she tried to talk to me about her fake I would just act like I'm not interested or change the subject. No need to encourage her.

    I do agree with the PP who said it makes you wonder what else she lies about!!!!