What Do You Do On Easter...if You Are Jewish??!!

  1. I thought this would be a fun topic....as every Jew I know is at the movie theater today....along with my hubby...I, on the other hand, am the lucky gal who stayed home to CLEAN!!!! ICK! LOL!....yes..I hate cleaning...however it must be done!
    Any other fun ideas as everything besides movies and Chinese are CLOSED here!!!?????:sad2:
  2. Sitting here eating matzah and STILL hungry! AHHHH! I swear, Passover is killing me this year! I am just dying for sushi right now!

    But my DH and I are just hanging out today watching tv and playing with our baby.
  3. ooh! we cant resist the bread..we would all starve here!!LOL!!!
  4. Eating matzah here as well, took a nap with kids. And how could I forget, laundry!!
  5. I eat leftover sedar food - and wait for The Sopranos, my sunday night addiction to start.
  6. Chinese malls are open here.. but it's pretty much a deathwish to try to park your car in the lot !

    I usually sit around and twiddle my fingers, as I don't celebrate the holiday.
  7. I am feeling guilty now. I am about to make pasta. I have never kept the Passover.

    Weather is awful here today so I have been in all day.
  8. i'm not jewish, but i might as well be. my mom and i went around and looked at all the new developments in the area today (since it's suburbia, they just leave the unsold new houses unlocked as long as they're in subdivisions so you can go in and look around without a real estate agent) and had a grand time pointing out all the shoddy construction in the million dollar houses to each other. we did find two that we liked, though! since Atlanta is a booming market, there's really nice new construction all over the place, we probably went in to a dozen neighborhoods and were never more than 15 minutes from home. we also stopped at Wendy's and had yummy frosties.

    then we had a family dinner while my dog barked at the steak that was left in the pan on the stove.
  9. Oh Jeeze...a bread eating jew during Passover.....Jill we truly are twins now!

    Selena (Twinkies arent bread are they? :smile:
  10. hmm, im not a Jew, but i don't celebrate the holiday either. There's nothing much to do, everything is closed. I took a long walk w/my boyfriend earlier to enjoy the weather. I also took some pictures of cherry blossom in front of my house.
  11. why not just sashimi? no rice=kosher l'pesach.

    i myself sat home, watch the yankees game, and couldn't care less.
  12. I could do sashimi, but damn I want a spicy tuna roll like you wouldn't believe. I swear, this is the only time of year that I crave bread- it's ridiculous! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    Never kept passover like this though until I got married. My DH is conservative and I am Reform- heck, I grew up eating ham & cheese sandwiches, and Passover meant no bread. Now, he rooked me into observing it more, although I refuse to go hard core! It's enough already.
  13. The movies?! Slapping myself on the forehead for not thinking of doing the same thing we Jews do on Christmas! LOL

    I spent the day taking an elderly friend to see her even more elderly sister in the nursing home. A Jewish nursing home. So there was much discussion of all the different ways to eat matzoh. Made me want to rush right home and whip up a batch of matzoh brei. :biggrin:
  14. my mom practically boils down the kitchen...i don't bother, being vegetarian makes it essentially impossible to do passover, everything soy is forbidden.
  15. Yeah, I don't go that far either. But I never knew that soy wasn't allowed- I agree- no way you could do it when you are a vegetarian. I got a waiver last year when I was pregnant! And loved every minute of it!:lol: