What do you do in this situation?

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  1. I'm selling a bag and just got an email. The person wants to know what my reserve price is. How do I answer that?
  2. Well, as a seller, you have the choice to reveal your reserve price or not. Some sellers will reveal their reserve prices thinking that if they don't, potential bidders who ask will then choose not to bid if they don't get an answer.

    Some sellers don't reveal their reserve prices because to them, if someone wants your item bad enough they will bid anyway and thus keep the auction competetive which is always good for the seller.

    Personally, it depends on the mood I'm in. LOL! I used to never reveal my reserve but lately I've been revealing my reserve prices to everyone who asks and I've found that most of the time those who ask don't even bid. I lean towards thinking that it's in a seller's best interest not to reveal the reserve price. If you want the item, then bid on it. A buyer should KNOW how much they want to spend. So bid. And if you don't reach my reserve with your maximum bid, then move on. Their bidding helps ME as a seller. It lets other potential bidders know they they have competition for my item. More competition = more bids. More bids = potentially more money for my item.
  3. I won't bid if I don't know what the reserve is.
  4. I never sell with a reserve because I'll make the minimum bid the minimum I'd accept, but if I did, I'd reveal it in the listing itself. I don't bid when there's a hidden reserve because it's simply a waste of my time.
  5. I bypass auctions with reserves and I see the same items listed over and over again..."reserve not me." To answer your question, I would tell.
  6. Go ahead & tell, you have nothing to lose.
  7. Sure you can tell. I've found that reserve auctions I no longer even bother bidding on. I just start my auctions at the bottom of what I'm willing to take and I've done far better than I did when I had reserves. Good luck!! :smile:
  8. As a buyer, if there is a reserve on an item I'm interested in, I will ask what the reserve is. If the seller won't tell me, I move on. There are too many things in my watch list to waste my time on something that may have a higher reserve than I would spend. Chances are usually pretty good that there is another of the same item anyway!
    As a seller, if I put a reserve on an item (which is seldom) and someone asks what it is, I always tell them. I guess because I would want to know too.
  9. I have never understood the mentality of someone who will not bid on an item just because they don't know the reserve price. Don't you know how much you want to pay for the item? Then why not just bid your maximum to see if you meet the reserve? If you do, then great. If not, then move on. What do you have to lose by bidding?
  10. I get frustrated if I want something so bad and my bids don't seem to meet the reserved price so yes if I'm the seller I'd reveal it.
  11. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the advice:smile:
  12. As a bidder, I hate to click on an auction and see those dreaded words, "reserve not met" and I always just click the back arrow and move on. I really do wish that it was shown on the listing page so as not to waste my time.
  13. i think you should tell the person what the price is.

    i personally dont even bother with items with reserves coz i like being straight forward and hidden prices make me feel insecure somehow.

    i also read some article saying ebay sellers may decrease their chance of selling if they set a reserve price.
  14. Nothing, but that's not the point. The point is, I want to know what the reserve is! :lol:

    Actually, I don't understand why people set a reserve. Why not just make that the opening bid?
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