What do you do in the rain with an LV?

  1. :crybaby: please. what are you supposed to do when it starts POURING and you have a bag on you? with you? leaving it in the car is asking it to be stolen. what do you ladies do?:cursing:
    damn florida rainy season. just got my damn marelle! argh!:confused1:
  2. it doesn't rain much here in ca but having the rain as an excuse i just ordered a damier speedy. :P i usually leave my bag in the trunk if it starts raining and i'm out.
  3. I use my epi, damier or onatah then, you've got nothing to worry about with those :smile:
  4. I just use my umbrella and don´t worry that much. I use my bags and live normally. With my Epi speedy I just wipe the rain of, no damage.
  5. I carry one of those old ladies rain bonnets (the kind you get at the dollar store) in a tiny pouch in my makeup kit in my bag. If it rains - out it comes and covers my bag long enough to get where I'm going. I actually have 4 of them in there and I'm covered for all emergencies.
  6. ummm, i usually RUN like a mad women! I've got a speedy mono 30 and I take it out even when it does rain (hehehe) and RUN as quickly as I can from the car to the store and vice versa!
  7. Run between the drops! ha ha!
  8. Keep a trash bag in your drawer or car, if it looks like rain, I crumple it up in my bag. Got this tip from a P'fer, sorry not gonna let my LV's get caught in the rain, ain't gonna happen....
  9. Rainy is an excellent reason to order a damier azure something, love that Saleya recently posted...
  10. On my Speedy 35 (its my only LV bag that has vachetta) I keep a plastic bag tucked in there at all times...that way if it is raining, I just put my Speedy in the plastic bag and voila!! It is safe:smile:

    If it is already raining before I leave the house, I switch to either my Damier Speedy or my Coach tote. :smile:
  11. i keep a plastic bag folded up in the pocket aswell, just in case! if i think there is a chance of rain before i go out, ill take a damier.
  12. Carry a plastic bag with you, or run like hell to your car with it stuffed under your shirt.
  13. Hide it under my jacket and make a mad dash!
  14. Me too...usually I'm soaked but the bag is okay.
  15. Put up my umbrella and not worry -- Epi and Damier bags laugh at inclement weather.