What do you do if you don't love your purchase?

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  1. I recently bought a Tohu Bohu GM cashmere shawl in framboise (raspberry)... it's beautiful colorway and I wear a ton of pinks and reds, but for some reason I'm not in LOVE with it, KWIM?:sad:

    It could be that it's just too much color on top of my already colorful wardrobe.... am thinking I'd prefer a gris acier (steel grey) Tohu Bohu instead... esp. after Ranag's recent reveal, and MrsSparkle's grey TB!

    It's making me sad because I was so excited about getting a shawl in the store, it was my first shawl purchase, and now I'm doubting my judgement: am I buying these things because "OMG, it's a Tohu Bohu and everyone loves this design, nevermind the colorway"?

    Am thinking of giving this to one of my sisters.... but neither of them is into H!!

    What do you do when you don't love your H purchases? I'm feeling guilty for spending the money now.....
  2. Can you still return it to the store; as there is no point keeping something you won't love and wear? Where I am, we have a time period for a full refund. Check the back of your receipt about the conditions for a return, exchange or store credit.
  3. I've already had it for a month and a half, so it's way past the store credit period, unfortunately!!!
  4. Give it to me, i'll be your adopted sister :graucho: I think the colourful Tohu Bohu's are just stunning. Maybe you will get used to it, give it time.
  5. Contact the store and see what they say, they may be more accomodating if you only want to exchange....otherwise it's eBay, you may even make more than retail back on it as TB is so sought after
  6. It doesn't hurt to ask about a return/exchange even at this point especially if you tell them you like the shawl but want it in a different color.
  7. Good advice!
  8. Yes, ask them....I returned a never worn or out of the box scarf after 6 mos....of course they were still selling that particular one. I found something I liked better and like you after I got home it just didn't sing to me! Good luck!
  9. I agree. As long as the shawl is unworn, I don't think they'll give you a problem. It is a current season item and is in high demand on top of that. They know they can easily sell it.

    If you tell them you just want to exchange it for another shawl, all the better. There is a gris acier TB at my local boutique if you are interested.
  10. I returned something after 6 months. It had tag attached and was obviously never worn. It was a beautiful scarf that didn't seem to coordinate with my wardrobe. The SA was nice about it. I exchanged it for something much more expensive. We were both happy.
  11. ^^ditto. I have exchanged shawls after the return period. Simply for a different pattern -- no problem.
  12. I agree with mooks - you could do very well selling it on eBay. It's highly desirable and almost impossible to find on the H website (I haven't seen one on there for weeks). I think you could make a profit!
  13. Hi everyone, thanks for the suggestions. As I've already worn the shawl, it's probably not returnable to the store... my weakness is always wanting to wear new stuff the instant I buy it!!:P

    Perhaps I'll give it a little while longer, and if it still doesn't sing to me it'll be time to let it go.
  14. For something that is as expensive as a cashmere/silk shawl, it should be love at first sight. Sell it on ebay. You're right - bright colors rarely work well on top of other brights.
  15. I just purchased that colour way and I love it! It really is beautiful, and I am sure someone will snap it up.