What do you do if you can't buy LV?

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  1. Okay. First of all want to apologize for the drama. I've been in a car accident on NYD and did not even have surgery till 10 days ago. My DH is feeling really sad that I bared the short end of this deal. I will not be able to walk for 10 months. So to lighten my mood and help in my recovery he told me to go ahead and order at least two LV's that I would like to have before Valentine's Day. In my confusion and utter dismay the customer service rep would not allow me to do a charge send of this particular item, only 2 left in the entire United States! Granted I have not purchased anything in over 2 years, but I have never returned anything to LV in the last 6 years even. I don't live near LV anymore so I can't even defend my position. I am speechless. Do I give up on LV and my HG bag of the moment plus any extra goodie bag as a rotating bag? Oh, and they said they've already black listed me from the 2 boutiques that have the bag in stock. They won't even take a overnight major institution cashier check for the charge send even.

    Sorry if this is all venting and confusing. I'm just sad and in lots of pain.

    Off my *soap box* :sad:
  2. Why not?? What the hell is that about? Where do you live?
  3. Find out what stores have the bag and call them personally. Are you using a major credit card and having it shipped to the billing address of the card? If the items are located in a boutique within a department store like Saks Fifth than call the store manager and see if they can talk to the boutique manager.
  4. sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you recover well. I don't know why you're blacklisted but maybe someone can make the purchase on your behalf???
  5. That all seems nuts! Hope you are feeling better soon. :smile:
  6. hope you feel better... Do not let your HG bag go... Call and talk to another SA... just keep trying until you get it...

    By the way what is it???
  7. I live were there is no LV within a 100 mile radius. I'm so sad that all the years of going to LV everyday of my life in California is up and gone temporarily!

    They've already black listed me so I cannot call the two boutiques directly! grrr...

    Thank you for the well wishes. Love your doglet! I don't know anyone in Florida.

  8. Thank you for the well wish. I wish I bought the darn thing when I was visiting my mom last Mother's day. But, it was all about mom and it didn't feel right to snag an LV in Union Square.

    It's nothing quite as special as what everyone here likes. I have my moments.
  9. Thank you briar rose!
  10. Do you have a friend that can call for you and place the order?
  11. I am the only *nut* in the entire family that believes in couture items. They just don't understand my obsession.
  12. i'm really sorry about what happened to you...:sad:
    hope you get healthy very soon...

    Btw why are avoiding telling which bag you want...:-S ?
  13. can you have your husband call and do it on a different credit card so that they dont know? you've gotta find a way, hope you feel better
  14. No, because he doesn't have a history of purchasing from LV.
  15. ^ why would not having a history with LV would prevent him from buying? I would think they want new customers all the time.