What do you do if buyer...

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  1. I sold a BRAND NEW bag in nearly perfect condition on ebay. The buyer email me few days after receiving the bag and told me there are some scratches on the bag and request a partial refund. I didn't want to do a partial refund because I believe the bag is truely brand new and plus I already loss $$ on the bag. So I told the buyer just to return the bag to me and I will give her/him a full refund.. Few days later.. I received the bag and it was clearly used by the buyer and has scratches on it. I looked at the pictures I took for my listing and those scratches were NOT on there when I had the bag... What can I do in this cases.. I am sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo upset..

    Also, for future reference, if I have final sale on my listing.. can I just refuse to accept return and refuse to issue partial refund?
  2. It's best to keep the person happy, offer them $5 and say that's the best you can do.
  3. Yes, refuse but others have had their bags purposely destroyed in order to win the claim with Paypal and show the "damage".

    So sorry!
  4. Oh my gosh..im sorry this happened to you..
    (sorry im no help :sad: )
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    No, because it is essentially meaningless. They can still file a dispute and win. Ebay and PayPal couldn't care less what your personal return policy is. It's the same as people requiring that people pay immediately or within 3 days or something like that when buyers are allowed up to seven days.
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    Did you actually read what she wrote:confused1:? I don´t think $5 is an issue here,

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    Yes, Kat the continuation of a very strange poster...:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:(check history on this one). But back to the problem here, they will probably file or do a chargeback for SNAD and they will now have proof that they have returned it. You'll have to refund them as they will just do a chargeback anyway, and as a buyer they will win with PP. But at least you got the bag back. I am sure they damaged it on purpose so they could return it. Is it so damaged that you can't relist and say in your new listing what happened?? (That there are a scratches due to previous buyer etc?) Or have you tried using appleguard to fix the scratches? That is horrible.
  8. Yes you can refuse it but you never know if the customer will file a dispute... so better offer something that will makes her feel better. Like discount on the next orders or % off the price of the bag you sold her. good luck!
  9. Tell her the bag was not in the same condition as it was when it was sent to her. Give her only a partial refund.

    Next time use tyvek band or some other thing on the bag so the buyer can't use it and return it.
  10. What a GREAT idea! I'm going to buy some of those hidious bright green ones, like the ones they have at the water park (or all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, more to my liking!), put them on the bag handle and save myself a LOT of worry with future sales. Now that I think about it, I can sew a strip of one on the sleeve of my high end clothing items too (with big thick basting stitches so they can easily be removed).

    You are a genuis!:woohoo:
  11. PS - Please tell us the buyer's screen name so we can add her to our blocked bidder lists.
  12. Not quite sure how you can reinforce that idea -- if band is removed, the sale is non-returnable ??How does ebay/PP deal with that? I.e. putting bands on bags. Would Ebay/PP legitimately recognize band being tampered with in a claim? Anyone actually dealt with this banding thing?
  13. It is more of a deterent
  14. Yes good idea. Just like many stores do. But make sure you include the band in the auction pictures and put in big warning words so you have a strong case when buyers do returns.