What do you do for a living?

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  1. Just curious what everyonr does for a living? This topic was started in the LV forum and it was interesting to see how similar we all are in our professional lives as well....

    I'll start I'm in my last semster of my dental education..in 4 short months I'll be a DOCTOR:yahoo:holy crap I can not believe it! I'm almost done with school:yahoo:
  2. opps sorry posted in wrong forum:push:
  3. Hi LV Lover, I'm in the Healthcare industry as well, specializing in Mental Health and substance abuse...but I'm going back to school to study to become an attorney specializing in securities litigation...my father is a doctor, specializing in internal medicine, mental health and substance abuse ( i used to work for him years ago but not anymore)

    Your Vuitton Suhali collection in your avatar is AMAZING btw...:nuts: :drool:

    I'm also curious to know what everyone else does...all of us here has some great taste :yes:
  4. im sure someone will move it for you!
    im a tutor/babysitter :smile:
  5. Just got out of school not too long ago. :smile: I've been an auditor for the past two years and I'm getting a raise soon for...more BAGS!!! :graucho:
  6. OMG, I'm an auditor as well!!!
  7. i am a marketing consultant, working part-time (to support my LV habit)
  8. Really? What a coincidence! hee-hee
  9. Hi - I'm a CPA.
  10. i'm a professional beggar, lol!!! just kidding i'm in pharmacy schoolwon't be done anytime soon though
  11. It seems like we have a lot of auditors/accountants on tPF! :yes:
  12. I'm a 2nd year PhD student in developmental psych. One day I'll transition from poor student to poor professor! Educators are vastly underpaid LOL
  13. i am a freshman in high school XD
  14. I am at Stay-at-Home Mom.
  15. I am a stay at home mom too. Been home since I had my first baby 9 years ago.