What do you do for a living?

  1. Hello all~ I am a speech-language pathologist also finishing my second graduate degree in Education Administration: Done One class next spring~ April 2007 at a private university. And I am a mom to a 2 year old:heart: Cheers!:drinkup:
  2. SAHM above all else...Degree is in Architecture but I am an Interior Designer (took the easy way LOL) and I work for a major pet chain as store designer and initial merchandiser (I design the store and decide where to put the product). DH is a regional director for a rival pet company.
  3. LMAO Golddigger!
  4. Investment banking, securities.
  5. Fund Development and Capital Campaign Consultant
  6. stay at home mom and a pre-nursing student. dh is a gm in a shipping business.
  7. Use to be an accountant in a CPA firm, now a full-time SAHM and :heart: it.
  8. Med School Student. Full-time and then some!
  9. Work as a Master Data for a great consumable company.:rolleyes:
  10. Marketing Analyst for the 2nd largest tabacco company in the world.

    I also attend Univeristy full time finishing my Bachelors in Marketing and continuing with my Masters.
  11. SA for Bloomingdale's
  12. I'm a paralegal during the day, and then work part-time at a restaurant Saturday nights playing the piano. On Sundays, I am an organist and choir director. WAY too busy!
  13. Hight School Student! lol!
  14. broke college student. I'm a junior and I'm majoring in biology. I want to be a dermatologist...I have along time to go.
  15. makeup artist....yeeeeahhhhhh