What do you do for a living?

  1. I'm a full time student (I'm in my Senior year of college)

    During the school year I work 10 hours a week checking IDs at the front desks in the residence halls on campus (my parents don't want me to have a "real" job so I can focus on my schoolwork)

    During the summer I work in various law firms as an administrative assistant
  2. high school student:sad: But i have a major in Louis Vuitton :biggrin:
  3. Accountant
  4. visual merchandiser.
  5. I'm a full time 2nd year med student...I can't wait to start working, I've been in school for waaaaaay too long now!! I still have 6 years left!!!:sweatdrop:
  6. Student and living off of my parents.. :biggrin:
  7. bored housewife! kids are in their 20's so they don't need me anymore =(
  8. I work at a University..needless to say my dh is the money maker in our family!:flowers:
  9. I work full-time in Real Estate - mostly property management but also some sales.

    I am also a part-time writer. I write for local newspapers, magazines and do various freelance work. I am having my creative writing (poetry) published next year!! :yahoo:

    Ideally writing will pay the bills someday...
  10. I am an elementary school teacher.
  11. Mom and lawyer (in that order).:yes:
  12. I am a Senior IT Project Manager. Your best friend or worst nightmare, depending :roflmfao:
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  13. I'm a research assistant at a Breast Cancer lab at MSKCC
  14. Sales
  15. goldigger...just kidding..high school student, unemployed.