What do you do for a living?

  1. i kinda wish my title had a shorter version. lol. i guess the short version is "Retail".

    the long version is: visual manager at Restoration Hardware. :smile: It's christmas on October 23rd! :smile:
  2. i'm in my FINAL SEMESTER of college:yahoo:, majoring in Communication, minoring in French and Linguistics, with Certificates in Journalism, Teaching and Vocal Performance. all this craziness is the sole reason it's taken me nearly 5 years to graduate :wtf:
  3. Full time mom!! love it :smile:
  4. SAHM. I do have my degree in Journalism but quit when I had my second!

    DH is a VP for a financial services company!
  5. :push: Yes, but this batch is a fun read because the assignment is more creative, as opposed to analytical. The next batch will not be as fun, or easy, to read.
  6. I am a stutent and work at holt's.
  7. I'm a grad student in developmental psychology....2nd year. We receive yearly stipends in addition to free tuition (which is great.....my school is very very expensive)!
    Dh (who makes all the money) is in outside sales in the transportation industry.
  8. high school student!
    No means of income, other than saving up from birthdays and holidays and profits from my mutual funds.
  9. LOL, I'm a regional environmental compliance manager which is kinda a part of engineering too....oh, for a major oil company....
  10. i am a web designer for a tv network... :yes:
  11. I am an elementary school teacher.
  12. I am a tracing analyst for a large carrier company...boring, it is my first "real" job out of college
  13. Technical writer for a software company :smile:
  14. I love your banner! That picture of Uma is hot!
  15. Im a high school student :smile: