What do you do for a living?

  1. Definitly all worth it! We definitly need more women like you.
  2. I agree! I recently saw a special on Dateline or the local news (can't remember) where they profiled physical discipline in schools. Most of the kids had disabilities and were treated horribly. One woman actually lost her son after the school staff claimed that they were restraining him. Tears welled up in my eyes, we definitely need more like you, twin-fun.
  3. Sahm :smile:
  4. HR coordinator :smile:
  5. architect and designer who enjoys looking at beautiful bags for inspiration :smile:
    i, however, have yet to succeed in making them mere inspirations instead of bank-breaking habit they have become now. but hey, it will be my YOLO thing.
  6. I'm now working for an EU agency. First I thought this is so me and was asking around for a more permanent position, but now not so sure anymore.. do I really want to be out of my mind every 3 or 5 years wondering is my contract being renewed or am I being sacked, since there is no "permanent" positions in these agencies :noworry:
  7. FT student, part-time teacher & tutor.
  8. Fundraiser for a non-profit media company. After almost ten years, I'm currently looking to switch careers and get into HR! Excited to start down a new path.
  9. I'm working in the Media & Marketing Comms field. The lethal combination of media relations and marketing :sweatdrop:
  10. Part time RN, full time grad student. Graduating with MSN spring 2013!
  11. I used to manage a discount outlet store a small business with only two stores. I did that for four years. Now I've taken the plunge and have my own store. Its a lot of work, but quite rewarding.

    Any other business owners out there?
  12. Congrats to you! Owning your own business is rewarding. I own my own business as well. I use to be a teacher then went into sales and marketing. Was diagnosed with cancer and had to quit my job. Doctors said no one would ever hire me again because I was too big of a risk . Decided to start my own business while I was home recovering from surgery. Best decision I ever made. 17+ years and cancer free. God has blessed me immeasurably!
  13. full time student! i work at a bookstore during breaks.
  14. I boss around engineers
  15. Currently a Sahm. Social worker in my "last life." I worked in outpatient behavioral health, & did internships in child welfare & hospice. After that work, I'm enjoying my bubble of happiness while I can! It was very rewarding though & I'd love to go back to it one day.