What do you do for a living?

  1. Nothing! I'm currently a hobo. I decided to take a year off work. Currently in month 9 and it is fab! Just sent out a few resumes. Not looking forward to going back to work. Enjoying hobo life too much!
  2. financial sales

    would love to be a fiancial planner so I kinda put myself in there as such too
  3. Branch Manager for a Financial Services Co.
  4. Thanks CoolGal! I've only started taking accounting classes, so I don't have any experience. The thought of even getting an internship with the big four/five firms is scary and is very difficult! With all the others who want a position within the firms, it seems like I'm never going to make it there :sad:
  5. Jules, how do you like working for the firm that you're in? Can you offer any advice in getting an internship within one of the big four firms?
  6. Congrats on your move!
  7. It's a mixed bag. Some days I wonder how I've lasted this long, especially since I'm already certified so I don't need the hours any longer. Other days I don't think it's too bad because while there are long hours, there can be some flexibility. I think the first couple years are hard because you may not be use to the long hours. But you know, that's what articling is all about. Once you finished and get certified it can pay off. I get 3-4 calls a week from headhunters looking to recruit me. However, I'm in no rush to make a move.

    As for tips in terms of recruiting, I'm in Canada so I'm a charted accountant, I'm not sure if it's that different. Generally though some firms look at marks as they want high performing individuals. They also do look at extra-curricular activities. Also, the best way to get in, as in any business, is to network. Make sure you attend those recruiting events and network with people who are representing the firm. You may create a lasting impression which will make them be on the lookout for your resume when you apply. Hope my two cents helps and good luck!
  8. Insurance...
  9. I have many jobs! I am a Super Model, A Stand Up Comedian, An Executive Chef in Beverly Hills, I am a Go-Go Dancer.I am a Horse Whisperer, and a Rock Star.


    I am a Buyer for a Cosmetic Mfg. <boring>
  10. I sush everyone around me and harass innocent, but noisy students for a living: I'm a librarian. :biggrin:
  11. WORD!!! I was off work for a year.
  12. that isn't boring! i love shopping and makeup, that's.my dream job.
  13. Law student + working as a student assistant in a law firm + working as a student assistant in a ministry + working as a fitness instructor.

    Nope, never a dull moment.
  14. Geologist!!
  15. Oh God&hellip; I would DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!