What do you do for a living?

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  1. I know there are 'get to know you' posts but there's so much info it's hard to read through it all.
    So this post is just for 'what do you do'?
    Thanks :smile:
  2. court reporter
  3. I teach High School Drama.

    But right now I am a stay at home mom - on Maternity leave (Canadians get one year mat leave)

    DH sells concrete.
  4. electrician
  5. I'm a first year Engineering student.
    I work part time at a fine dining restaurant as a hostess.
  6. Former accountant, now an elementary teacher.
  7. I am a server at a restaurant
  8. Optician!
  9. Full-time mom. Husband is an executive who travels frequently.
  10. financial analyst
  11. I'm a HS English teacher. I'm currently sitting in a cafe, planning and grading. Oh, and checking out tpf, too!:P
  12. Essays? :Push:
  13. Engineer at a major oil company.
  14. I'm a former 6th grade teacher turned state government employee. My DH is a chemical engineer.
  15. :sleepy: Insurance :sleepy:
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