what do you do for a living???

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Aug 17, 2009
the A-T-L
i apologize if this is crass. really, i do. i'm very new to this forum and have been impressed by the folks who have posted. everyone here is so knowledgable on the subject of handbags/purses -- and the industry in which they're made.

my question is: what do you all do for living that supports this passion for purses?

this is a pricey hobby/interest/passion... and i just find myself wondering how people can afford to purchase purses over $1000 on a semi-/regular basis. believe me, if i could -- i would! it's not that i'm questioning the decision to do so.... it's that i don't understand how so many people can afford it. :P

i guess i've never made an excessive amount of money, so i just don't know what fields some of you are in...

again, apologies in advance if talk of money is not cool in these parts...
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