What do you do for a living?

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  1. I know that some of us Diorophiles have to unfortunately work for a living, so exactly how are we gainfully employed? And if you are a stay at home Mom, independently wealthy or live on your yacht in the south of France, feel free to list that as well!
  2. Well I am a very happy "Desperate House Fiancee".
    I used to have a corporate job, always did very well for myself but was so stressed out and unhappy. More often than not I would come home at 10 pm and so exhausted I couldn't even bear to listen to the radio on my way home. So one day my then boyfriend told me I didn't have to do that anymore..... He owns his own business and there is always things I can do to help, I actually stay pretty busy!
  3. I am an IT technician, contracted to a government department. I'm finding at times that I hate this job but with the GFC happening its hard to find something else right now.

    I want to return to my previous job as a Practice Manager (someone who runs Medical Practices) later in the future as I found that to be much more enjoyable than what I am doing now.
  4. I am a stay at home mom, my dior collection is thanks to my wonderful dad!!!! He has bought me all of my dior purses except one, my husband bought that one for me!
  5. I'm a student (just graduated from Journalism - entering Law school next september) who has a little extra cash to spend on herself.
  6. I work at HQ of an international company, which is great because it means I dont have to learn Danish muhahaha

    I used to be in HR and now I work with IT and a cool department called Process Excellence and we try to make things go smoother and easier for the rest of the company:smile:. If only they paid me decently, I would be the happiest person on Earth....sigh
  7. sahm/w and full time student
  8. Hey Peg! You haven't told us what you do!!! Advertising???
  9. yeah, Lobster, should you confess first as OP? :biggrin:
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    I am presently a lovely coral shrimp color, thank you! DA - why do you think advertising?

  11. aaaaw hello Shrimpie, then!;) I was thinking the same thing, advertising, marketing, something creative for sure:biggrin:
  12. You seem to have the right personality and attitude for it.
    Just a thought, I may be completely off, you may be a horse breeder for all I know?
  13. ^ + a lot of creativity in making great images for the rest of us to enjoy! :biggrin:

    Btw. I administrate appartment buildings - have no idea what that title would be in English, in Danish it is Ejendomsadministrator *he he* Nat, help me out! - it's a deskjob mostly but I also attend lots of board meetings and run the annual GA's so plenty of 'evenings out' on that account.

  14. I dont have a clue LOL landlord on a corporate scale;)? Anyhow, adding Ejendomsadministrator to my extensive 5 word Danish vocabulary now hihi
  15. I was director of marketing for a large defense contractor [​IMG] (boring!) and then left and became a consultant (more $$$). The usual horror stories with sexual harassment, glass ceilings and all the rest of it. Why men in a corporation think they have a right to lay their hands on the women that work there is beyond my comprehension. [​IMG] Since I have moved, I own a small print, web, media marketing/design company, work in the fam horse biz, and sell designer and other stuff on *bay & bonz sometimes! Now you know why I am up at all hours and never sleep! [​IMG] Or maybe I am just a vampire...

    It is an honor to be amongst such Type A, accomplished women who kick *ss!