What do you do for a living?

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  1. Noticed that other forums had threads about what people do for a living and thought that it would be neat to see what Marc Jacobs lovers do when they are not obsessing over various Marc Jacobs bags/colors.

    I am an attorney practicing in downtown San Diego. When I am not on tPF, I am enjoy spending time with my DH and DD (she is two and a half) and getting some sleep! :smile:
  2. i run a little clothing boutique in nyc... and (un?)luckily it allows me to spend many hours behind the 'puter online shopping:heart:
  3. I'm a graduate student and an instructor at the University of Pittsburgh. I just finished my phd coursework last week and submitted my grades yesterday! Yay for summer! Though I start teaching my summer course in two weeks, it's only six weeks long.

    I have a really flexible schedule and usually work about 6 hours per week of "conventional" in office/classes work. So the rest of the time, I am on my laptop writing, grading, editing, reading, etc. I take breaks by checking TPF.

    I live with my partner who is also a grad student. We have a little dog (jack russell/chihuahua mix) and a live in a cute craftsman townhouse.
  4. I am a teacher on Marco Island in Florida. I teach 8th grade Language Arts, which is definitely a new experience for me. I used to teach juniors and seniors in high school World Literature! I am getting used to the younger folks...but I am definitely ready for summer baby!

    I am married, have a yorkie named Dixie, and no kids. Well, I take that back, I have 145 kids at school! That's enough for me right now!

    Oh...and I LOVE TPF!! It's so fun to share my obsession with like-minded folk. Cheers! :drinkup:
  5. I am a stay at home mom of a 2 1/2 year old little girl :love:and my 2 dog-children :p and a full time student but I'm done after this week!! :drinkup:YAY!!

    and i love tPF too! i had no one to share my love of expensive purses with till i found you guys!! lol
  6. I have two jobs: Internal IT Communications and also the Director of Membership Services and Support. Basically, I communicate for IT nerds and for the second job I build and maintain the website.

    I also go to school full time, majoring in Management Information Systems.
  7. I do PR for TV & Film (and am constantly surrounded by publicists with AMAZING handbags). In my spare time (whatever that is) I enjoy spending time with the DBF (who doesn't understand my MJ addiction), long dinners with alot of wine, and secretly sneaking off to my MbyMJ store to see what new trinkets i can purchase.
  8. I'm a handbag and accessories designer.... my job really isn't the best vocation in the world if you have an obsession with handbags... well, at least buying them, that is. ;)
  9. im a womens knit/sweater designer for a big company in NYC.

    i spend my mornings eating breakfast and catching up on TPF. :p
  10. According to my DH, I'm a slacker, LOL! I retired after 20 years as a flight attendant and am raising my 8-year-old daughter, who's totally awesome. I have bought a LOT of bags since I joined the forum 2 months ago and am going on a ban, unless I see something I can't live without.
  11. that sounds like so much fun! i'm considering a career change now...

    it's always nice getting to know the people behind the usernames.

    as for me, i am currently an analyst at a finance and accounting firm in nyc. i'll be starting law school at nyu in the fall, which is a tad frightening considering i've been out of school for a year and half, so i'm a little rusty with the whole studying routine.
  12. I quit my job as an attorney last Fall and am a graduate student!
  13. Wow, you all sound like you have such amazing lives! I'm a full-time medical office manager in San Francisco and I'm also in the process of taking a 1 year certificate course for medical translation in Chinese/English. My Fiance and I are getting married 9/08 and we have a 10 month old Puggle named Cooper. Taking care of Cooper feels like a full-time job in and of itself! I love handbags, own a few designer ones and am getting an Ivory/White Chiffon stam on friday!
  14. Great thread! I'm a student and whenever I want some money to buy designer items I sell some things on eBay to make money for them ;) That has worked pretty well for me and I've come nicely that way.
  15. I am a gov't contractor in software development. My 'jobs' vary...technical writing/editing, training users on software apps we develop, website admin...I do a bit of everything. And I get to meet astronauts. :smile: