What do you do for a living? (stolen from the Chanel forum)

  1. I've been lurking on the Chanel forum because I want to buy a Chanel bag SOMEDAY, and they had an interesting thread about what members did for a living. Thought it would be fun to see what us Coach lovers do when we aren't posting on TPF. ;)

    I'm a resident physician. I'm almost to the end of my second year of family medicine residency, and one more year to go after that. Then I need to find a real job. :wtf:
  2. Oh what fun!

    I was a video game artist for 3 years but got out of that and went freelance but my "full time job" is a receptionist at an architectural firm in Cambridge, MA. So I'm kind of working 2 jobs right now. I LOVE how I can draw up at the front desk when I'm not doing my admin duties. ;)
  3. I run the help desk for the IT dept in a public school district.
  4. Good Ole Stay At Home Mom right now. Well more of a taxi driver without the pay. I always seem to be on the go, I don't know how you Moms that work outside the home do it...You all must be exhausted!!
  5. I am a CPA and no that doesn't stand for certified purse addict!:cool:
  6. student and a part time cashier at a local carwash
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. I teach high school science and I am the constantly working mom of 16 year old boy girl twins!
  9. I'm a Registered Nurse currently working part time in an obstetrical labor and delivery unit. I'm currently working on a Masters Degree in Health Education and will be graduating in September. I plan on leaving the hospital setting and work as a nurse/health educator teaching adults (then I can afford more Coach, YEA!)
  10. student in Princeton (and broke)

    so i need a job SOON!
  11. I work as a sales associate at The Bon ton.
  12. Programmer Analyst for a financial company (so not a 'sexy' job)

    (which explains why I'm online so often...)

    I'm a CPA in my spare time...(that's Certified Purse Addict of course...hell..I took my two years of accounting in college and that was ENOUGH)
  13. I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and I work for an advertising agency/marketing firm designing print and media advertising for a few big companies. And as everyone knows I also work part time at Coach :yes:
  14. I'm a full time student (graduating in one semester!), studying Communication and Media Arts. Hope to go into Advertising after graduation. I also work part time as a shampoo girl.
  15. im in high school with just a month and a half to go before i graduate :yahoo:
    and i also go to beauty college part time, i graduate within the first couple of months next year (we dont really have a set date, when we reach 1600 hours is when we graduate)
    i NEED a job!!!