What do you do for a living/how do you afford your bags?

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  1. Hey ladies. I am inspired by your great collections of bags/shoes/clothes, so I was wondering, what do you do for a living? and more so how do you afford your bags/shoes/clothes?
  2. i'm a mom, i pilfer from the grocery money. sorta kidding.
  3. I work fulltime as an administrative assistant.. I don't pay rent, my car is paid for (used), so I only pay for phone bill, insurance, the rest is extra spending money. Needless to say, I haven't been able to save a dime since I've been on here! ahhh
  4. I'm the purse forum pet and the folks here bought me my one and only LV.

    Rather a nosey question, no? Don't be upset of not everyone answers seriously!
  5. lol agreed.
  6. I'm a famous international playboy.
  7. This has been asked and answered a billion times. Just do a quick search! I'm sure Jill will be along to merge it shortly!

    Oh and for me.....credit cards :smile: But not anymore LOL

    Oh and don't be inspired by bags....be inspired by someone's intelligence or strength! Much better things to admire in a person!
  8. Great answer twiggy:tup:

    I sponge off the hubby! Seriously! But I do alot of designing for hubbies business so he grants me what I wish for(most of the time!)
  9. But but but... I never got to post I was the forum pet in any of those! HA!

    But you are right, inspiration should come in other forms as well, although bags are fun! :p
  10. I'm an interactive designer working both full time and freelance :smile:
  11. ^^ OK can I change my answer to billionaire lover?

  12. I've won the lottery multiple times.

    I wish!

    Actually, both DH and I work full time and I buy mostly everything myself.
  13. Ah, winning the lottery...

    ...I have a better chance of getting hit by a meterorite.

    But a girl can dream.

  14. Don't you know who I am???!!???

    (I've always wanted to say that... ;))
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