What do you do for a living and where do you store your MK at work???

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  1. I've seen this thread in the other forums and would LOVE to hear about this in our new forum!!!! I am an accountant in a formal business office, and I share an office with 3 other women. I have my own large file cabinet, and I cleaned out one of the drawers in it to store my purse while I am at work. I even lined the drawer with dust bags so it is nice and "soft" for my purse to be....ahem....comfortable :nuts:!!!!!!!!!! I think if anyone ever opened up that drawer they would think I was INSANE!!!! But, all of you will understand! Would love to hear from more MK girls what your job is, and where you store your purse there!!!!
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    My purse stays by my side all day. I am in different offices all the time. Otherwise, my bags are sitting beside me at my home office.

    Quite often I work from home for days at a time. I still switch out my bags to suit my mood or my outfit for the day.

  3. Office Manager/Executive Asssistant and I keep my purse on a chair in my office. I work with a bunch of ex-navy men, right now I'm the only woman in the office so I don't really have to worry about it. We are a small office right now and need badge access to get in. I guess if things changed and we had more people in the office that I didn't know so well I would start keeping it in a filing cabinet drawer too.

    Oh yeah - I also work part time twice a week in a retail ladies store, and then I have to keep my bag in a stupid small locker which always worres me a bit - I'm always afraid I'll scratch my bags putting them in and taking them out - I am always super careful and try to not have to access my bag during my shift if I can avoid it.
  4. I only work one day at week (am in school the other Monday through Thursdays) and I work at a law office as a receptionist. I just leave my bag on my desk. The desk is pretty big so there is always a place on the counter top to put it. If I'm using a really big bag, I'll just put it on the floor. Our office is carpeted so I'm not too worried about it getting dirty. I kind of throw my bags around. Oops!

    And I work at Macy's every now and then with mom, but we have to use those hideous clear bags, so I don't have worry about taking care of that one because I really don't care!
  5. Hi everyone!

    I am new to this forum, but have been a tpf'er for awhile. I am a counselor at a community college in Tucson, AZ. Fortunately, I have a desk where I can lock up all of my "babies" to keep them safe and secure. We have, unfortunately, had several thefts in the last year and I feel very grateful that my things have remained my own (as opposed to someone else's). This is a great way to get to know people...thanks for starting this up Mrs. Mac!
  6. City worker so I keep my bag in my locker everyday. I carry it with me when I have my lunch / dinner, but otherwise, it is safe and secure in my locker :smile:!
  7. GREAT way of getting to know everyone and how they store their bags throughout the day!!!! GREAT hearing about all of you!!!! :smile:
  8. i'm a teacher and either put it on my desk or on the chair next to me...
  9. I am SO jealous of those of you who have an extra chair to put your purse on.....or extra desk space.....I could use THREE more desks at work and I still dont think I would have enough room for whatever "project" of the day I am doing!!!! and to have an extra chair for my purse to sit...that would be heaven! My office is nice and plush with brand new carpeting, brand new desks/chairs/etc......but all I have to store my purse is this file cabinet.....and I dread having to put my purse in there all day....but....I must say....when I open up that drawer to get it out....OMG....the smell of leather lights up the area!!!!!! :smile:
  10. I am a detective and work on a task force, housed in the office of a federal agency (such a nice office, I am so spoiled). I have a good sized cubicle with an extra chair for my MK! To be honest, I get a bit miffed when people try to move it to sit down. :P
  11. I'm a software developer and telecommute from my home office since the company I work for is in another state. LOVE working from home - matter of fact I'm at work right now and still in my pajamas. ;)
    So my bag just sits in the kitchen or on the foyer table like it always does when I'm not working.
  12. I am an office manager. My office has a huge walk in storage closet attatched. I have a small 3 drawer file cabinet right inside the door to the closet. I always put my purse on top of that. I keep it clean so I can place it there. ;) Sometimes I hang it on my coat hook in the closet if I need it out of the way.
  13. It's so nice to get to know you all!!!!!! Glad we all have our storage spaces for our MK's at work!!!!
  14. I am an Insurance Broker Executive and I have a private office with an Armoire in it so I store my designer bags in the Armoire where it is stored safely during working hours.
  15. I'm a hotel GM. I have my own office, so I keep it on my counter. Since the company's server is in my office as is the safe, I lock my office whenever I leave it anyway. I'm always in our restaurant or pool area running around.