What do you do as soon as your brand new piece of LV returns home with you?

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  1. I hope I'm not the only crazy one here but when a brand new bag comes home with me, I gently take it out of its dustbag... touch the contours of the exterior, smell the leather, stroke it and then... I'm just in my own world. :wlae:

    Worse, this repeats until I actually START using it (it takes a while sometimes). How sick is that!!!?

    Can anybody challenge that??? :graucho:
  2. Well, I don't challenge it, but the first thing I usually do is keep it in the trunk of the car until it is "safe" (from DH) to bring it in. Once that happens then I keep the bag out to admire it, well at least as long as I am alone. Finally it gets stored in my cupboard and is added to my rotation of bags.
  3. Whip out my camera and take photos :P
  4. It is a piece of art. I also stare at it and admire it and pet it. lol.
  5. I gently take it out of the car and put it on the Carpet or the table in the lounge room...
    Then I take my time with the wrapping, not wanting to disturb any of the lovely wrapping they do in the boutique... :cloud9:
    Once it is finally out of the box and Dust Bag, I just admire it for a while... :girlsigh:
  6. LOL! Please don't! :P
  7. It certainly IS a piece of art!

    Gently, definitely! :yes:
  8. I pet her and introduce her to the cats so I know they'll be gentle around her and not try to beat her up!
  9. I take my time opening her. Then she sits next to my bed, on display, until I stop :drool: and have the courage to take out into the world!!!! ( this is normally about a week later !!!)

    I feel bad reading ^^ that back, I dont think I took that much care of my daughters when they were newborns !!! :wtf: :roflmfao:
  10. I take it out, retry it on and then put my things in it, to use the next day.
  11. I wear it around the house...
  12. After I open it I go to the mirror and look at it, then I put all my stuff in it and look at it, then I sit it on the dresser and look at it....there is a lot of looking going on.....LOL
  13. That is too cute! LV is family... :P

    LOL! I knowwww... it's crazy how much some of us baby our bags!

    Oh goodness tell me about it!!!
  14. usually stare at it; think of how to take pics of it and share in tpf!
  15. I take it home in the box and then I arrange all my items in it neatly. After that portion of the ritual is complete, I use it right away. Usually taking it to the mall or out for cocktails with friends.

    Once, however, this proved difficult as the weather was rainy. So in that case, 'using it right away' meant that my new WC Papillon was carried around INSIDE my Speedy 40 for the first three days that I owned it!!

    Yeah, yeah ... I know. I am LV crazed on occasion!! :greengrin: